3437 Libby Road NE, Olympia, WA

10:30 am PT Meditation; 11:00 am PT Service Starts

Chronological images of the remodeling:

It All Started on June 11, 2021

Seven individuals from our CSLO Community are forming the Libby Road Partnership, LLC, to facilitate purchasing the property on Libby Road. This property feels compatible with our Center’s visioning process and the New Home Team’s outlines and wish list. As you may know, it was developed by all of us over several years. The investors are long-time, deeply involved members of our church and our highest intention is to consider CSLO in our decisions regarding the property. Please know that each investor holds this community in the highest regard and deepest love.

Today, June 11th, Libby Road Partners, LLC, received the deed to the new home of CSL Olympia. We celebrate with joy and gratitude!
From left – Denny & Carol Kautzmann, Karyn Lindberg, Mark & Buffie Finkle. Not pictured – Kathy & Larry Gilliam.

A significant remodel would be required before the property can be offered to the church for lease.  Libby Road Partnership is in the process of forming the LLC while reviewing inspections and assessing costs.

if the CSLO community determines the remodeled property is a place that allows our community to thrive and grow, Libby Road Partners, LLC would serve as Landlords, and CSLO would be the single beloved Tenant.  This agreement would last until the church purchases the property or decides to move to a different location.

Let us celebrate that our community has completed STEP ONE. For years we have imagined our home into being. Together we have prayed, visioned, focused, grown, and refined our dreams. Here is a demonstration of our diligence and prayers. Libby Road Partners humbly ask for your prayers and support for STEP TWO.

STEP TWO is the completion of the property purchase and all renovations. This will allow the completed building to be leased by CSLO in time to celebrate the winter holidays in our new home.
Libby Road Partners absolutely trust in the power of our community to hold and bless this dream of a physical home for the Center for Spiritual Living, Olympia. Please join us in knowing that one way or another, our Beloved CSLO Community is going to love each other home.

October 2021 Update: The Remodeling Starts!

January 2022 Update from Buffie Finkel

Today I offer profound thanks for the gifts of 2021.  We called forth our own home, and low, here it comes! Also last year we were gifted with many beautiful furnishings for this new space.  We now have heavy outdoor furniture for the deck, lovely furnishings for the fellowship hall and sanctuary, a new clean-air system, plus equipment for our expanded AV system as well.  We were the beneficiary of many of our community members’ donations of goods, and we are so very grateful. 

We are also calling forth a deeper, more loving relationship with each other—connected as one, joyously thriving in an evolving world, and we are continuing to explore this relationship with positive intention. 

Please join us in celebrating our increasing prosperity as we begin the new year, standing in this flow of good.  We Need for nothing; all is provided.  Let us continue to contribute to the flow with our personal and community intentions in the form of time, talent, and treasure because these are what flow is made of.  This flow is love made manifest. —come on in; the flow is fine!!!

April 2022 Update: Building Permits Have Arrived, and Remodeling Has Begun!

July 2022 Update: The Chairs are Here!

Our 75 brand-new chairs arrived from Tennessee on Tuesday, July 19th. Currently, they are safely stored away outside the building. After the renovations are finished, we will move them into the building. We’re closing in on being in our new home!!

August 2022 Update: Beginning of the Moving In Parties!

September 2022 Update: CSL Olympia is now an Official Tenant!

   A huge thank you to all who helped with our two moving parties and the Design Team for making the space beautiful. And, of course, an incredibly huge thanks to the Libby Road Partners for buying and preparing a lovely space in which we will live out our future. On Friday, August 26th, the lease papers were signed, and the next day our deposit and first month’s rent were delivered to the partners. I believe this is a great day to step forward into greater inner and outer growth as the Center for Spiritual Living – Olympia.