We are committed to creating a Sunday morning program where all children experience their oneness with God, form loving connections with one another and learn Science of Mind spiritual principles and practices. We believe that nurturing the unique spirit of a child produces expressions of unlimited possibilities that will last a lifetime.

“How we long for a return of that simple trust in life which children have; in their minds there are no doubts…

– Ernest Holmes

Youth & Family Programs

In Person:

  • Sunday Meditation 10:30 am – 11:00 am – Ages 3-13
  • Sunday Youth Classes 11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Ages 3-13
  • 1st and 2nd Sunday’s Teen Class 11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Ages 13-18


Sunday Teen Online Community on Discord 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Ages 13-18

CSLO Youth Director

Adrienne Cherry is the youth director at the Center for Spiritual Living Olympia. She has been a member of CSLO for 15 years and has been the youth director for 13 years.

Adrienne loves inspiring others to find their passion and has led her work with families, teens, and youth. With a background in sales, marketing, and training, she discovered that the magic of connecting with others is to listen. When she first creates a foundation of trust, the inspiration from finding the perfect solution for someone and feeling their gratitude makes it easy for her to lead all interactions with love.

According to Adrienne, one of the most rewarding things to witness is seeing a child’s journey to believing in themselves, learning their uniqueness is their power, and finally sharing their truth with the world. Adrienne is thankful to experience this gift working with the youth and teens at CSLO and with her children, whom she homeschooled for five years.

Adrienne is also grateful that her two children, now adults, were raised in the SOM teachings. They are both successful and compassionate people pursuing their dreams and demonstrating power in living in truth and happiness in inspiring others. Her son Ocean has attended all of the CSL Summer and Winter Teen Camps since age 13 and has completed Teen Advisor Training. He was a 1st-time teen advisor at Winter Camp 2023 and plans to continue to give back the teaching he was gifted.

Some God qualities the youth in Adrienne’s class described her as are strong, loving, curious, kind, creative, awesome, determined, and inspiring. Adrienne leads youth classes with her husband, Greg, who has steadfastly and lovingly supported her work. Activities Adrienne enjoys with her family are biking, hiking, travel, music, gardening, learning, building, and theatre. 

Adrienne looks forward to finding new ways of offering youth, teens, and their families a path to creating connecting and loving relationships that help to inspire a kinder world.

What We Teach:

Our program is designed to teach spiritual principles in age-appropriate, interactive, and fun ways. We follow the Centers for Spiritual Living children’s curriculum and include additional meaningful activities of our own. Through stories, music, craft projects, drama and discussion, our youngest members awaken their creative expression and learn the same spiritual principles presented during the adult Sunday Celebration. CSL Olympia is a place where your whole family can become part of a spiritual community and create lifelong, fulfilling friendships.

Exploring a World of Love – ages 0-2

We hold our littlest of members in the spiritual truth of God manifested as trust and love. Parents with younger children can listen and watch celebrations in the sanctuary from a play space set up for thoughtful creativity and fun.

Little Members, Big Ideas – ages 3-7

We create a fun and explorative space to learn SOM practices like affirmative prayer and meditation. With the lesson theme in mind, activities that encourage peer interaction and relatable projects allow a child to connect with the message in a meaningful way. Meeting each child where they are and allowing them to individually translate the lesson promotes trust and self-expression.  

Youth-Empowered World – ages 713

Youth learn to powerfully create their ideal lives while navigating home, school, and activities. The SOM tools they take with them help create sense of balance with busy schedules, gain confidence to try new things, encourage acceptance of others, and inspire a sense of self-expression. Preparing youth at this transformative age to take the grace and empowerment they learn and think of how they can create the space for and encourage others to do the same.

Teens Changing The World – ages 13-18

Teens are empowered by the authentic bonds they create through practicing expressions of love, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. Participating in creative games, workshops, and partner collaborations using the Science of Mind principles gives them the tools to become deep listeners, inclusive friends, and doers in their community who radiate passion and purpose with integrity and love. This inclusive, supportive environment allows teens experiencing various challenges a place to work through and transform themselves into the Divine with limitless possibilities and fresh perspectives to express out in the world.

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