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Sunday Themes and Curriculum  
Our Theme for the Year: Spirituality in Action


Sunday Themes  
Our Theme for the Year: Spirituality in Action

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December 2019 – Science of Mind Through the Holy Days

Each week this month, we are exploring a global tradition that is celebrated in (or near) the month of December. This expanded view, incorporating various traditions, allows us to deepen our connection with the world and its peoples. We are all One!

December 22, 2019

Spiritual Lesson: Christmas

December is a magical time. For many it is a holy celebration of the birth of Jesus and the life he led by example of compassion, kindness, love and selfless healing. It is a time of year where many cultures celebrate the return of the Light and the power and presence of the Living Spirit.

At this time of the year we are celebrating the greatest event of history, the birth of Jesus whose destiny it was to proclaim the good news that the kingdom of God is at hand and he demonstrated this. So, the birth of Jesus is symbolic of the birth of the God-man in the human soul, the incarnation of the living Spirit in you and in me.”

December 15, 2019

Spiritual Lesson: Solstice (Winter Solstice)

Winter Solstice is the time of year when (in the Northern hemisphere) the sun appears at the lowest point above the horizon, which usually occurs on Dec. 21st or 22nd.  This year Solstice is celebrated on the 21st. It is the shortest day and longest night of the year and signifies the return of the light.

The word Solstice comes from two Latin words: sol meaning, “sun” and sister meaning “to stand still” because on this day it appears that the sun and moon stop moving across the sky.  Solstice celebrations date back over 30,000 years and mark the season of re-birth and light. 

Today Winter Solstice is celebrated by many different cultures as part of or in place of the Christmas holiday season.

December 8, 2019

Spiritual Lesson: Rohatsu – or Bodhi Day!

“Rohatsu is a Japanese word meaning ‘December 8”. Rohatsu marks the morning Buddha achieved realization or enlightenment.

The services and traditions of this celebration vary in form depending on the sect or culture in which they are practiced, however, each celebration acknowledges Buddha attaining Nirvana, also called enlightenment, after his 7-day meditation sitting under the Bodhi Tree.

December 1, 2019

Spiritual Lesson: Science of Mind perspective on Christmas/Holy days:

“Our thoughts of gratitude, thanksgiving, and recognition should ever go up to the Divine Presence.  Like the wise men of old, we too need to be guided by the star of life to that holy place within us where the little child we are — the Child of God — is cradled in the arms of infinite love and wisdom. “ Science of Mind Magazine

November 2019 – Mindfulness

“Mindfulness is increasingly recognized as an essential educational tool. It develops attention, emotional and cognitive understanding, and bodily awareness and coordination, as well as interpersonal awareness and skills. Most importantly, by diminishing stress, anxiety, and hostility, mindfulness enhances our total well-being, peace, confidence, and joy… Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help children develop the skills to promote peace within themselves and in the world around them.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

This month we will be utilizing the lessons and activities from the book, Planting Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh to experience and play with Mindfulness.

November 24, 2019: Leading from Heart-awareness

Week #4 Understanding and Compassion

Message: I vow to develop Understanding in order to live peacefully with people, animals, plants, and minerals. I vow to develop my Compassion in order to protect the lives of people, animals, plants, and minerals. –The Two Promises. In order to love, you need to understand, because love is made of understanding. Meditation is looking deeply to understand the needs and suffering of the other person. When you feel that you are understood, you feel love penetrating you. –excerpt from the book, Planting Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh

November 17, 2019: Leading from Heart-awareness

Week #3 Inner-being

Message: Food is the gift of the whole universe: the earth, the sky, the rain and the sun. We thank the people who have made this food, especially the farmers, the people at the market and the cooks. We only put on our plate as much food as we can eat. We want to chew the food slowly… We want to eat in a way that nurtures our compassion, protects other species and the environment, and reverses global warming…in order to be healthy and happy, and to love each other as a family. –excerpt from the book, Planting Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh

November 10, 2019: Self Mastery

Week #2 Fresh, Solid, Calm, Free

Message: Pebble Meditation can help children and adults cultivate freshness, solidarity, stillness, and freedom. It can be done anywhere without difficulty. As a flower, we see ourselves beautiful, fresh, pleasant and lovable. When we have this freshness and beauty, we have a lot to offer to other people and the world. As still water, we are calm and can see things as they truly are. As space, we offer freedom and space for those we love and create freedom in our hearts. –excerpt from the book, Planting Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh

November 3, 2019: Breathing with a Bell to Calm the Mind

Message: The sound of the Bell is the voice of the Buddha within, because there is a Buddha within every one of us. The Buddha represents our capacity to be mindful, compassionate, and understanding. Listening to the sound of the bell is listening to the voice of understanding and compassion within us, calling us home…calling us back, saying, “Come home, come home to yourself. Don’t lose yourself in anger, in frustration.” –excerpt from the book, Planting Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh

October, 2019 – Cherish the Human Family

October 27, 2019: Seeing Others as One
Value: Unity

Principal/Science of Mind point of view:
We recognize that God is all there is, and that this being so, then the totality of our
being is Divine as well. If this is true of ourselves, then, by Law, it must be true of
everyone and everything.

Spiritual Quote:
“Everything that lives proclaims the Glory of God. Every person who exists manifests
the Life of God. There is One Spirit in which we live, One Mind by which we think, One
Body of which we are a part and One Light that lighteth every man’s pathway.” – Ernest
S. Holmes, Sermon by the Sea at Asilomar, Saturday, August 15, 1959

With an open heart, I listen to understand others. I treat them the way they wish to be

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October 20, 2019: God and the Universe

Principal/Science of Mind point of view: Our lives and how we see our lives are an expression of our belief in God and the Universe.

Spiritual Quote: “Know that you are God/the Universe and that anywhere you aim/focus your consciousness you create reality in one of the infinite physical and
nonphysical realms. It all begins with thought, contemplation, prayer,
dreams, plans, desires or any method of focusing your consciousness. If you
wish to praise or blame God/the Universe for something, you should do it
in a mirror. It is you and has always been you in charge of all reality
Russell Anthony Gibbs, The Principle of Oneness, Pg. 47

Affirmation: “All Life, my life is of God”

October 13, 2019: The Principle of Oneness and the Magic Within
Value: Unity

Principal/Science of Mind point of view:
“When we know our Oneness with God and Law, what a great burden is
removed. Any sense of opposition is removed from the consciousness
which perceives Unity.” Science of Mind (page unknown)
Spiritual Quote:
“Choose to love every facet of yourself unconditionally. You are a complex,
multidimensional being and loving yourself requires identifying, accepting
and loving all of our seemingly separate parts. This includes your personal
self, broader self (other people), balance of the physical world (nature,
activities, concepts…) and the collective Universe/God.” P. 66 (Kindle
version: The Principle of Oneness by Russell Anthony Gibbs)
“ I AM connected to ALL Life”

October 6, 2019: Cherish the Human Family
Value: Unity

Principal/Science of Mind point of view:
“We are all just a little unique, for each wears a different face but behind
each is the One Presence – God. Unity does not mean uniformity. Unity
means that everything draws its strength, its power, and its ability to live
from One Source. One life does flow through everything, but this Life is
never monotonous; It is forever doing new things in you and me.” (p 29.1)
365 Science of Mind (2001)

Spiritual Quote:
There is One, and not two. Never forget that. Anywhere in the universe,
just One. That one life is the substance of everything. It is one in unity but
multiple in manifestation. It is one substance from which an infinite variety
of different things come but every one of those things is made out of the
one thing. (p. 48.2) Love and Law (2001; teachings 1918-1920)

“ We are all connected to each other.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

September, 2019 – Ensure the Stewardship of our Planet

September 29, 2019

It’s our 5th Sunday Youth/Adult Service! Join us in the sanctuary where the youth will assist Rev. David in teaching how we can develop a harmonious relationship with time.

September 22, 2019

Weekly topic: Community and Connection

Principal/Science of Mind point of view:
“Our common-unity and the power of our collective consciousness is vitally important to our existence together here on planet Earth. … As a universal community, we desire a healthy planet to sustain us.”
(Excerpt from the ministerial outline by Rev. Theresa Fieberts for today)

 Spiritual Quote:
 “I believe the Spirit is in the wind and wave and manifests its presence throughout all Nature.” Ernest Holmes – Can We Talk to God

 “I am One with All Life. My thoughts, words, deeds and actions reflect this deep connection I have with our planet.”

September 15, 2019

Weekly topic: Ensure the stewardship of our Planet

Principal/Science of Mind point of view:
“Fear and faith are identical in that the energy used in the one is the same energy as that used in the other, since there is but one final Energy in the universe and this Energy is the energy of thought.” Effective prayer by Ernest Holmes p.50.3

 Spiritual Quote:
“No fear can remain where faith holds sway. Faith reunites us with the original, creative Spirit, the Divine Mind, which already exists at the center of our being.” This Thing Called Life p.26.5

“I am the manifestation of God in form. Watch out world, here I come!”
Rev. Gayle Dillon

September 8, 2019

Weekly Topic: Healing is a Revelation

“My mind and body is attuned to the wisdom of the universe.”
Donna Miesbach

Spiritual Quote:
“Healing is the revealing of the wholeness already within.”
Dr. Robert Bitzer

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September 1, 2019

Weekly Topic: One Healer

Affirmation:  “Health, wealth, radiating love and creativity are mine to be embraced and expressed in every now moment.” Rev. Moira Fox

CSL Olympia Youth & Family Program will join Unity Youth and Family classes and share lessons.