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Sunday Themes and Curriculum 

Special Message from our youth director, Adrienne Cherry:

CSL Olympia Youth & Family are supporting our youth and teens by providing ongoing parent-guided curriculum lessons which will include mindfulness practices, video books, activities, family connecting games and conversation. Teens have two CSL Teen Zoom meet-up opportunities hosted by San Jose CSL Teens every Sunday at 12 pm and a mid-week check-in every Wednesday at 5 pm. They also have a weekly check-in option with our own teen advisor.


Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision: We welcome youth on a journey of higher consciousness centered in timeless wisdom and pulled forward by evolutionary vision. Woven throughout the year are our spiritual principles, our global vision, and our commitment to inclusion, creating a balance of theory and practical application suitable to the present and to the leading edge of our movement. The journey becomes both personal and collective transformation.

April 11, 2020 – The Winds of Change: Choice – Embracing Change

Affirmation: I have the power to choose.

Quote: “You cn’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” C.S. Lewis

Spiritual Lesson: Choice -Embracing Change

Commitment to a Vision calls us to embrace change, transformation, and newness. As we boldly step into the unknown, we find ourselves navigating the winds of change, welcoming some and resisting others. We have the opportunity to choose how we are going to live forward.

●When change occurs suddenly and unexpectedly, we may have very strong negative feelings about the change, but if you choose the change, no matter what, change becomes easier.

● When we choose to see things in a different way, we can always find a way to embrace the good in the things we cannot change.

● Building Courage and Faith can help us to embrace change that may make us feel afraid.

● We must be aware, on our journey, of what is the best thing to do and then do it. Awareness is the skill we hone to be able to tap into the field of unlimited possibilities and to know what is ours to do. It is up to you to be aware, to follow your inner guidance and take action. Sometimes we just have to look up and be willing to see where and how we are being called forward.

Active Listening: Book/Music

Youth read The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds and discuss where they want to go and what signs they have already been shown to get there. We will read another short story from Eggs for the Hunting by Reg Down about the great cycle and the Egg of Life.

Music: I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff and Courage to Change by Sia

Creative Expression –  My Constellation

Youth discover that they have many choices in their lives by creating a “map of possibilities” based on their life journey and then navigate their path though the “wind” changes their direction, they know that they can still choose a positive response to something that may seem out of their control.

Using their birth constellation sign (attached) they will plot the events of their lives on construction paper with cut-out or drawn stars and the attached constellation-birth sign chart. After they label event’s next to each star, they will take turns telling the story of how they got to each “star” or accomplishment.

At the sound of “the wind” recording, they must change or add to their story by describing a real or fictitious challenge they faced before getting to the next star on their map.

Connecting: Mindful Choices

Youth are given scenarios or share real experiences and will practice being mindful, or aware, of how often they have choices. We will name as many choices we can think of for that scenario. Whenever you are deciding between two or more options, you are making a choice. We can make mindful choices by considering not just what we think but how that choice makes us feel. When a choice feels good, then it is going to be the right choice.

April 4, 2020 – The Path Less Travelled: Easter


” Today is a great day to experience all the good that is around me!”

Quote: “Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” -Steve Maraboli

Spiritual Lesson: Easter – Optimism

Just like Nature in the Spring, we can plant new thought seeds inside our minds and hearts, and we can also nurture the seeds we have already planted in our lives and watch them grow and evolve. What new thought seeds do you want to plant and watch grow this Spring? This could be learning a new skill, or practicing being more positive. What is something that you already do or know that you would like to nurture and learn more about, or something you would like to become more skilled? Maybe you like to draw, play an instrument or play a sport, what new goals or experiences can you set for yourself? In the same way that seeds are of a specific kind (apple seeds produce trees that grow apples, pumpkin seeds produce vines and pumpkins), our thought seeds are specific too and it is through our positive thoughts and our positive vision about what our seeds will be like in the future that will help our seeds grow into good things for our life and our world. Having a positive outlook and always expecting the best for your thought seeds create the nutritious soil for your ideas to grow. We call this being optimistic. Optimism is knowing that the outcome will always be the best outcome.

Active Listening: Book/Music

Youth watch the short animation, Spring about a shepherd girl and her dog who face ancient spirits in order to continue the cycle of life. We will read several short stories from Eggs for the Hunting, a spring tale affirming the joy, humor and mystery of life.

Music: Believe! by Fearless Soul

Creative Expression –  My Dream Garden

Using cut-out pictures of plants in varying stages of growth, youth will create garden scene on paper. They will draw or write their life accomplishments on mature plants, and goals they are working towards on the young plants, and new ideas they are thinking of on the seedlings. This will serve as a reminder of their life accomplishments and remind them that the goals they are working on require tending to and patients as they develop.

Connecting: Easter event: Woodland Easter Egg Hunt

Youth and their families are invited to a Woodland Easter Egg Hunt. Enjoy lawn games, snacks, and hunt for Easter eggs amongst the woodland animals. Details on the CSL Newsletter youth page.

March 28, 2020 – Shake It Up; Say Yes: Commitment


“Today I say Yes! to living my life with courage and commitment.”

Quote: “Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.” -Marica Wieder

Spiritual Lesson:  Committing to saying Yes!

Thought + Feeling = Manifestation is a common equation in the teaching of Science of Mind. We have thoughts all day long about this thing or that thing. When our thoughts are accompanied by a feeling they are activated and take form by using the power of the Universe. When our thoughts are positive, affirmative and in the direction of our highest good, the “Law” of the universe says yes and our experience of life flows with ease and grace. When our thoughts are negative, and our feelings are focused on all the things that are wrong or aren’t going our way then the “Law” says yes to that too and we get more of the things and experiences we do not want. The practice then becomes making a commitment to ourselves to notice where our thoughts and feelings are, so we are better able to turn them around from negative to positive. Our feelings are so very powerful! We have the power to modify our feelings by the way we direct our thoughts. The power of the Universe is always working for us. It is up to us to feel and listen to what it is telling us, then commit to keep saying Yes to all the good we are and all the good we are ready to receive.

Active Listening: Book/Music

Youth will listen to a video book There was a Bold Lady Who Wanted a Star, by Charise Miracle Harper. Younger kids will listen to a video reading of Firenze’s Light by Jessica Collaco about a feisty firefly who discovers the power of her light in this fun and encouraging story of friendship and self-appreciation. Music: I Believe In Miracles by Fearless Soul

Creative Expression –  Magic Screens

The children draw or doodle on a Magic Screen, seeing what serendipity brings, letting go, and creating again while listening to Not Playing Small Anymore by Fearless Soul

Connecting: Grounding/Releasing

Youth participate in a Qi Gong practice for kids.

March 21, 2020 – With Open Arms: Embracing Faith


Today I see Good everywhere!

Quote: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” -Helen Keller


We will do nature yoga poses and then listen to youth explain what Faith means to them after discussing our own feelings about faith.

Spiritual Lesson: Embracing Faith  

Faith is believing, and believing is knowing, and knowing is trusting that someone or something is always available to you and supports you in your life journey. Faith can help you activate the good in your life and can be your partner in co-creating your experiences and relationships. Faith is also trusting yourself and your inner guidance, believing in who you are and what you do.

When we use thoughts and feelings of Faith, we co-create with a great power in the Universe. Practice being mindful and explore the mood of your thoughts. Where they are leading you, but most importantly, what feeling is driving your thoughts? Faith or fear? For our greatest good to evolve, we want to always embrace Faith, refocus on the positive and affirm all the good we have in life.

Active Listening: Book/Music

We will listen to a video reading of I Think, I Am! By Louise Hay and listen to Believe, a lyric video by Frearless Soul

Creative Expression –  Vision Board work

We invite the children to grab their vision boards we worked on earlier in the year and do a breath and scan of their vision board. We will create affirmation statements for each picture or word on our board, say it aloud, and affirm this truth for each other. Using the SOM Symbol, we will write our affirmation on a printed mandala and say them as we color.

Connecting: Yoga

From last week, we will revisit some of our favorite activities such as taking turns leading a “yoga puppy pose” and when all 12 poses are complete we will shake it off.

March 14, 2021 – Release/Shake It Off: Presence/Self Awareness


I easily let go of the past and the future so I can enjoy the present -Adrienne Cherry


We will breathe along with The Puppy Mind Poem to help calm our “puppy minds” and listen to author Andrew Jordan Nance read his book Puppy Mind and discuss how living in the past or the future can limit our present experiences.

Spiritual Lesson: Release and Let Go  

There is a Spiritual Law at work all the time in all things. Its job is to say YES. Whatever we think into mind, whatever we feel ~ it responds to us by saying Yes and gives us more of whatever it is. If we are stuck in a rut… the sooner we recognize it we have the ability to shake it off and turn things around. This is often called Releasing. Letting go of the thing that isn’t working for our highest good, so we can make room for the thing(s) that will!

Making mistakes in life is how we grow. The better we are at releasing our fears, doubts and disappointments the faster we are able to return our thoughts to a positive outlook. The Law says Yes to all the good thoughts too – and they GROW!!! So let go of the small stuff and turn your thoughts and feelings to all the goodness you can imagine and watch how fast things turn around.

Active Listening: Book/Music

We will listen to author Andrew Jordan Nance read his book Puppy Mind and discuss how living in the past or the future can limit our present experiences. Our music experience will be a kid-friendly version of Shake It Off (lyric video) by Taylor Swift.

Creative Expression –  Vision Board work

We invite the children to grab their vision boards we worked on earlier in the year and do a breath and scan of their vision board. We will ask of ourselves what we need to let go of in order to achieve my vision. Allowing any negative feelings about any vision to rise to our awareness, we will use a releasing practice to let go of the negative thoughts and end by visualizing that the desired outcome is already coming true.

Connecting: Puppy Yoga Pose Game/Qi Gong

We will take turns leading a “yoga puppy pose” and when all 12 poses are complete we will shake it off with a fun Qi Gong Routine for kids, knowing our body and mind is feeling the present moment.

March 7, 2021 – A High Idea: Presence/Self Awareness


“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Alice Morse Earle


We will do a 5-4-3-2-1 meditation and identify and describe 5things we can see 4things we can touch, 3things we can hear, etc. to practice presence.

Spiritual Lesson: Practicing the Present

Pretend that you are a beautiful aquamarine gem, like the color of a beautiful blue ocean. This is just as Spirit intended you to be. Your vision is clear and you can see for miles. Over time, little by little due to exposure of the elements in your environment, a light coating of dust and hard water mutes the beauty of that which you are. Because of this coating, you don’t see as clearly as you once did, and others cannot see you as clearly either. However, with a little bit of work, you have the power to change your view. You can polish away the coatings of dust and easily remove the accumulation of sediment. Doing so allows you to shine as brightly as you ever did see the world clearly and feel wonderful.

With a little practice each day taking time to notice your thoughts you can choose which to keep ones may need a bit of polishing. If you polish your gem a little every day, you’ll remain bright and clear, present in this moment and self-aware.

Active Listening:

We will read the book Little Squarehead by Peggy O’Neill about Rosa, a lonely young girl who is different from other children–her head is shaped like a square. Tormented by her classmates, Rosa runs deep into the forest where she discovers a mystical pool. In the clear water, she is amazed to see a brilliant diamond shining in her heart. “This diamond mirrors the beauty that shines within you,” a gentle voice tells her.

Creative Expression – Polishing My Gem

We invite the children to say or sing a mantra “I am everything that I’m meant to be in this moment” (music by Allison Davies) each time they break open a piece off of their hidden gem. After their special gem is revealed, they will polish it to shine bright as a reminder of the light inside of them, and to choose thoughts that help them feel good.

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