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Sunday Themes and Curriculum
2021 Theme for the Year 

Special Message from our youth director, Adrienne Cherry:

CSL Olympia Youth & Family are supporting our youth and teens by providing ongoing parent-guided curriculum lessons which will include mindfulness practices, video books, activities, family connecting games and conversation. Teens have two CSL Teen Zoom meet-up opportunities hosted by San Jose CSL Teens every Sunday at 12 pm and a mid-week check-in every Wednesday at 5 pm. They also have a weekly check-in option with our own teen advisor.

2021 THEMES:

Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision: We welcome youth on a journey of higher consciousness centered in timeless wisdom and pulled forward by evolutionary vision. Woven throughout the year are our spiritual principles, our global vision, and our commitment to inclusion, creating a balance of theory and practical application suitable to the present and to the leading edge of our movement. The journey becomes both personal and collective transformation.

January 31, 2021 — Upward Movement: 5th Sunday Youth/Adult Service!

Instead of our regular youth zoom this week, we will come together in community and join the adult service zoom to help Rev David share in the lesson topic, Looking Above.

Looking Above – We never forget that behind (and above!) it all is God.

As we advance through our year and continue allowing the evolutionary impulse of Spirit to work through us and our communities, we do so remembering and committing to the upward journey of Divine Unfoldment.”

SUMMARY: Looking Above. We can take it literally and look to the skies, or heavens as it is often called, however, the “higher” perspective is to remember that there is a Power and a Presence that is greater than all Life. Its nature is LOVE, and Peace. It is called by many names, Divine Source, Spirit, God, Universal Presence… yet no one name can define its magnificence or magnitude. Each of us is a living expression of this magnificence. Every movement and moment of change starts with purpose, with intention, with one. With me. With you. We will watch a video showing how 12 kids of various ages took action during the Pandemic.

Creative Expression:

Youth and teens share their Vision Boards and speak to what it means to them to accomplish some of their goals. Teens will share some of their experiences from 2021 Winter Teen Camp inspired by the topic of Looking Above.

January 24, 2021 — Upward Movement: Looking Ahead with Love and letting love lead

SUMMARY: We are “Looking Ahead” at our Journey with Love! Love comes in many forms. It shows up in acts of kindness and the ways we take good care of our bodies. It shows up in the way we love our family or our pets. It shows us how we treat others with respect and it shows us how we love ourselves. Love and feeling of Love helps guide us through our Lives. Each of us has this loving power. We can tap into it when we are having a bad day, or when we just can’t seem to get things to work out the way we thought they would. We can also use it as the foundation upon which we stand and live from as we journey forward in life. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to take a moment and just breathe. We can also ask ourselves the question… What would Love do? Then listen for the most loving response and keep moving forward.

Affirmation: I look ahead with love in my heart for myself and the world.” Susan Robinson, RScP

Meditations: Heart Blast Mindfulness Practice -guided

Music: Love Is The Only River

Lesson: Looking Ahead with Love

As we head out on the open road of life, it is important that we pack according to the weather and conditions we expect, and it is also important that we prepare for some surprises along the way. If we pack only shorts, even though bad weather is expected, it might seem foolish; yet if we bring only raincoats and heavy sweaters, we will really be uncomfortable on that unexpectedly sunshiny day. As you prepare for your Life Journey ahead, make sure to take things you think you will need and the things you like you might need as situations may present themselves along the way. The Spiritual Practice of mental equivalents and the practice of Visioning, together with our attention and focus on Love and the feelings of Love, are planning tools to help us determine where we want to travel in life and what qualities we will need to have for our journey and for when we have arrived.

Active Listening:

We will read The Ok Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal which celebrates the real skills and talents children possess, encouraging and empowering them to discover their own individual strengths and personalities

Creative Expression: Read Between the Lines

This week we practice active listening and sharing how we feel with no real words being used. Encourage them to fully convey the meaning of what they want to share while not using the real words. The speaker is asked to keep their thoughts and feelings firmly in mind as they say the nonsense words. This sacred practice allows the speaker to convey their deepest feelings in complete confidentiality.

Connecting: 2021 Vision Board

We will share our vision board with our friends and describe what is on our board and prepare to share with our community the following Sunday.

January 17, 2021 — Upward Movement

“We are all ONE and when we help others we are helping ourselves.”

SUMMARY: Oneness is the invisible essence of life that connects and unites us with all of creation. Each of us breathes the breath of Life. We all have the ability to tap into the same life loving energy and we do this in our own unique way. Each and every one of us is an expression of Divine Good, a loving essence of energy that radiates goodness, love, peace, joy and light into every aspect of life. This God power or Good power resides in us equally and it is up to us to activate it, to cultivate it and to celebrate and share it every day.

Affirmation: “The Unity of all Life beats in the rhythm of my heart.” -Susan Robinson

Meditations: Heart Math Breathing/Coherence -A guided meditation encouraging caring, kindness and compassion radiating Oneness around us, our community, our world, and out to the universe.

Lesson: “There is unity in our diversity. The highest good for you becomes the highest good for others. What you do for yourself, you do for others. What you do for others, you do for yourself. A magnificent journey from me to we. I am you and you are me. The feeling of Unity is the feeling called love. Love is the energy that brings us together. We are a worldwide community, a global village. Our differences do not have to create divisions. Our contrasts do not have to create conflict. Variations in our beliefs do not have to bring violence into our lives. Be the change you wish to see in the world. One earth, One world, one planet. Or, Power with, not power over.”

When we remember we are all a part of the same life and we act from our shared Oneness, we experience our life from a place of common good!

Active Listening: We will read I Am ONE -a book of action by Susan Verde and discuss an action step we can take on a goal we have.

Every movement and moment of change starts with purpose, with intention, with one. With me. With you.

We will watch a video showing how 12 kids of various ages took action during the Pandemic.

Creative Expression:

We will create something unique from clay, understanding that the original form can be symbolic of universal energy and what we each create from that is both unique and is a necessary expression from source that benefits the whole world.

Connecting: 2021 Vision Board

We will share our progress on our vision board with our friends and describe what is on our board and how sharing our dreams can be a powerful way to get energy around accomplishing our goals.

January 10 — Upward Movement: In Perfect Harmony – here and now

SUMMARY: When we practice being in the Here and Now, we practice bringing ourselves into a state of Harmony with ALL that surrounds us and is us. In the state of Here and Now, we embrace our complete Oneness while accepting our individual Uniqueness. In this state, we Love everyone and all things unconditionally. Remembering this, we can help ourselves and others to accept and celebrate our own differences, to let go of judgment or that we are being judged and know that everyone belongs.

Affirmation: I am peaceful and in harmony with the natural world around me.

Meditations: Mindful Seeing -Present Moment Meditation -we explore all that we can do mindfully in a moment.

Music: I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing by Demi Holborn and Living in Harmony by Acapella Kids

Lesson: In Perfect Harmony -here and now

Having an Inner Peace within ourselves puts us in Harmony with God, the Universal principle, our True Selves and all the people, things and experiences which surround us. Harmony is created by embracing and accepting the knowing of our Oneness and our Uniqueness. Music demonstrates that although an orchestra or choir consists of different instruments, people and sounds, they can still create one powerful harmonious sound by resonating, or vibrating on the same scale. Sometimes it helps to notice if we are tuned in to what we are doing, or if we are tuned out. If we are tuned out, it’s likely that we feel some degree of struggle.

What are some other ways you help yourself become present to the now? (meditation, mindfulness, yoga, stretching, hydrating our body, having a healthy snack, doing something creative) When life feels a little, or a lot, overwhelming, turning to Nature can bring us back into Harmony with the here and now. We too can find this Harmonious connection with ourselves, nature and all people.

Active Listening: Orchestra Tuning/Warm Up

We will experience the sounds of an orchestra warming up and then listening to the performed song, symbolic of how when we feel chaos versus feeling in harmony when we are being present and in the flow of our surroundings.

Creative Expression: Harmony Mandala

We will create a Mandala using different types of objects and make a repetitive pattern. Alternately, we will color our harmony Mandalas.

Connecting: 2021 Vision Board

We will share our vision board with our friends and describe what is on our board and what it will feel like once we accomplish each of our goals.

January 3, 2021 — Upward Movement: We Can Be Heroes

Affirmation: “My faith gives me courage and I believe in myself.” – B. Hull

Meditations: Superhero Stance and Spiderman/woman Breathing, Confidence Meditation video

Music: “The Cape” -Guy Clark

Lesson: We Can Be Heros

Heroes have great adventures. What makes someone a hero? What qualities or values do they possess? What do they do? What kinds of actions do they make? What kink of self-talk do they have? Positive or negative? How do heroes overcome their obstacles? Do they have special powers or tools they use? Who are your heroes? What hero qualities do you see in yourself? Have you ever been a hero to someone? What would you consider your superpower?

Every hero is prepared for adventure with the thoughts, feelings and wisdom they need to be successful. In order to be prepared for our daily adventures there are things we need to take along with us. First, we will need a VISION (thoughts/ideas) of our mission, so we know where we are going or what we are doing. We will need NOURISHMENT (spiritual practices) along the way so we stay full of strong positive thoughts and feelings. We will also need some WISDOM tools (spiritual principles to help us when obstacles (fear, self-doubt) appear to get in our way.

You can create a Superhero Adventure in your life for the New Year. Super heroes overcome great obstacles. What are some things you want to experience this year that may be a little difficult? Name it so you can Frame it & Claim it! What is your Vision for yourself? What kind of Thoughts or Actions will strengthen you on your adventure? What good Qualities will help you overcome mental, emotional or physical obstacles?

Creative Expression:

Superhero Adventure Cape

Draw or make a cape and write your qualities, values, strengths on it. Make special symbols for your superpowers. Create a piece of art with a statement such as “LOVE is my Superpower!”

Plan Your Adventure!

Create a map to help guide your Thoughts/Ideas/Dreams towards your Goals. Decide on your adventure and what qualities or superpowers you will need on your adventure. Write them down, cut out magazine pictures, make symbols or draw pictures showing the path to your dream.

Connecting: Go On an Adventure

We participate in a role-playing activity where someone begins an adventure story and everyone takes turns adding to it and overcoming obstacles along the way.

December 27, 2020 — Celebrating Divine Truth: Making Magic


Every part of my being vibrates with the radiant joy of Spirit”

Susan Robinson RScP

Spiritual Quote:

“Spirit is right where you are. Spirit fills all space, flows through all form, creates everything, governs everything through love, controls everything through law, and expresses life and beauty in everything.”

This Thing Called You – Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Lesson: New Year Intentions

Youth experiment making magic with intentions. Looking at experiences from the last year, we consider if there is anything left to do. Youth will make a plan to complete or resolve those issues and imagine the amazing new things they want to create. Coming from a place of happiness while setting our intentions, we act on them with joyful expectancy. When we come from a place of happiness while setting our Intentions, we will act on them with joyful expectancy. Youth make a present for their future.

As we learned a few weeks ago, happiness is an inside job. Meaning, nothing on the outside of our lives makes us a happy person. Happiness comes from within.  When we come from a place of happiness while setting our Intentions, we will act on them with joyful expectancy.

Activity or Creative Expression – Holiday Crafts and Gifts

We will have a year-end class party, create New Year Party Hats, and celebrate all we’ve accomplished and learned this year! We will invite families to create a “Family” intention list for the New Year together.

December 20, 2020 Celebrating Divine Truth: Cultivating Light


“The Spirit within me fills me with Love, Joy and Peace”

Adapted from LSOM pg. 410


There are so many ways to celebrate and experience the Spirit of the Holidays. Almost all celebrate the return of Light in one form or another. Another common practice is to go into or practice Silence. For some, silence is found through meditation. In others it is found in prayer.

Here is a passage from our teaching that speaks to the practice of silence.

“Sometimes we enter this silence in a momentary flash of consciousness. Sometimes we travel laboriously toward it. Sometimes we seem to miss it. But, at all times we should be conscious of its existence. … All ways are good ways. But our way must be our way and not the way of someone else.”

LSOM pg.422

However it is you choose to celebrate this holiday season remember to make and take time for you. Even a few moments of sitting quietly alone in silence has the magnifying power to energize and illuminate the path of life before you.

Creative Expression: Youth explore cultivating the light through the silence of the holiday spirit. Around the world people celebrate the return of light in different ways. We explore the common practice of silence to magnify the power to energize and illuminate the path of life before us. Youth make a present of light for their spirit.

December 13, 2020 – Celebrating Divine Truth: Preparing the Way

Affirmation: “I feel the pull of my dream calling me forth and I answer, unafraid to take that step to make my dream come true.” -Adrienne Cherry

Spiritual Lesson: Preparing the way through kindness

We are born to be happy, to live creatively, to love, to sing, to dance and to express ourselves to the fullest.” Adapted from LSOM pg406

By recognizing the Christ consciousness within, we express kindness to ourselves in times of sadness and joy. We will use our knowledge of tapping and the “I Am” affirmation to remember that we are love. Youth make a present for their consciousness.

Our mindfulness practice today is a good place to start. In fact we can change the words a bit to say “I AM filled with loving-kindness, I AM well, I AM peaceful and at ease and I AM happy”.  The truth is we are filled with loving kindness always, even when we don’t feel it. It never leaves us completely – we just sometimes forget.

Active Listening:

We will learn that kindness and love expressed to ourselves and to others creates a strong path forward toward our dreams. Using our SOM principals and mindfulness tools, we empower ourselves to weather any storm and to take on the gifts that match our energy.

We will watch an animation about how mindfulness empowers us.

How Mindfulness Empowers Us: An Animation Narrated by Sharon Salzberg – YouTube

Creative Expression – Holiday Crafts and Gifts

We will share together some of the things we can do to express kindness to ourselves when we are feeling down, sad or anxious. What do you do to remember your Good?

Youth make a present for their divine consciousness.

December 6, 2020 – Celebrating Divine Truth: Welcoming the Shadow


I release all people, place and things from expectation.

I allow Creation to be what it is.

I open myself to see the good.

Spiritual Lesson: Forgiveness the path to freedom

“It is impossible for us to have a sense of being forgiven while we condemn others.” Ernest Holmes

The Holiday Season is upon us. What better time than now, to set down thoughts that no longer serve our highest good, or to release and forgive our friends or family that we might disagree with. It’s no fun to carry angry or frustrated tension in our body; in fact it might even hurt a little or a lot!

In fact right smack in the middle of our Global Vision statement it reads –

Where FORGIVENESS is the norm.  (Full copy attached below)

There is also a huge sense of freedom that comes from releasing the energy we hold when we are in a state of anger, frustration, disappointment or any other feelings we may carry in our minds and bodies when we are unwilling to forgive.

It’s also good to remember that forgiveness is NOT telling someone that

“It’s OK that you did that.” Forgiveness is not condoning (accepting) bad behavior it is about releasing the hurt feelings for your own well being.

Now that we know this, we can practice it and we can shake off all the lingering effects so that we can get on with the business of being joyful, happy, loving and kind.

Active Listening:

We will watch a “A Short Story about Self-Criticism” by Alfred & Shadow about facing our shadows and naming what we need. By showing vulnerability we show and grow our inner strength. We will name some of our critical thoughts -our shadows. We will write a letter to our shadow, thanking the shadow for caring, and then direct the shadow with words that are helpful to you.

We will watch the video “You are not your thoughts” about learning the skill of observing our thoughts without judgement, just curiosity and practice letting go of thoughts we attach to and believe but are not our truth.

Creative Expression – Holiday Crafts and Gifts

Youth will make a present for their shadows to honor it as a part of who they are and to demonstrate their power to guide it in the way that is best for them.  

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