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Sunday Themes and Curriculum
2020 Theme for the Year:
Spirituality in Action

Special Message from our youth director, Adrienne Cherry:

CSL Olympia Youth & Family are supporting our youth and teens by providing ongoing parent-guided curriculum lessons which will include mindfulness practices, video books, activities, family connecting games and conversation. Teens have two CSL Teen Zoom meet-up opportunities hosted by San Jose CSL Teens every Sunday at 12 pm and a mid-week check-in every Wednesday at 5 pm. They also have a weekly check-in option with our own teen advisor.

November 1, 2020 Theme – Spirituality: Divine Authority to Choose


“Freedom is the ability to love myself as I am.” Rev. Martha Quintana

Spiritual Lesson: Choosing Compassion  

To try to define what it means to be spiritual is like trying to explain what wind looks like. We know what wind feels like, how it carries particles and objects and whirls them through the air. We can describe what it feels like when we are standing in it, but it isn’t so easy to describe what it looks like because wind itself is invisible, yet there is no denying that it exists.

Being spiritual is closely related to having high moral standards or virtues and values, such as kindness, consideration, compassion and grace especially when faced with adversity and conflict. It is finding common ground, honoring different perspectives and being present to what is.

We are not and cannot be responsible for the behavior of others or their choices. We can only be responsible for our own. When we take the time to think before we act or re-act and remember to come from love, compassion and kindness, we align with our higher self and our highest good. In this way we by example, express our Spirituality and in so doing give others permission to do the same.

Active Listening:

We will read the book, “What do you do with a Chance? By Kobi Yamada and discuss how we can find ways to discover our gift of choice and opportunity if we are willing to step into our spiritual greatness.

Creative Expression:

Youth receive a special box and stones to create their own personal daily affirmation inspiration to choose from.  

October 25, 2020 Monthly Theme: Cosmic Connections

Weekly Theme: Bridges That Last

Affirmation: With an open heart, I listen to understand others. I treat them the way they wish to be treated.

Opening question:

Where is God? Where is God not? These can be hard questions… we believe that God is in and through all things. The chair you sit on, the air you breathe, the food you eat. Is there anywhere where God is not? How do we find God in those things that we do not like? Is God in a bully? Is God in a drug addict? Is God in a politician that believe the opposite of what we believe? How do we move through our days and our lives demonstrating that God is in those things that we do not like?

Spiritual Lesson:

The Platinum Rule is more compassionate and inclusive than the Golden Rule.

● The Golden Rule says: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or, more simply phrased, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

● The Platinum Rule says: “Treat others the way they want to be treated.”

● The Platinum Rule takes into account the other’s feelings, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and cultures. It shifts the focus of relationships from “this is what I want, so I’ll give/do it to everyone else” to “let me first understand what they want and then I will give them/do that.”

● The Platinum Rule invokes a more sophisticated level of compassion and inclusion by honoring the diversity of humanity while simultaneously recognizing our Oneness.

Active Listening:   

We will listen to an original song based on Peter H. Reynolds book, Say Something. This song will encourage us to speak out about our feelings. After listening to the song, we will read the book and discuss the message about finding your voice and building bridges along the way.

Creative Expression – Say Something workbook

We will fill out our printed Say Something workbook and fill in the speech bubbles with things we can say to express our feelings in many different ways to strengthen our connections with others.

October 18, 2020 Monthly Theme: Cosmic Connections

Weekly Theme: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Affirmation: “I AM connected to ALL Life”

Spiritual Lesson:

“Know that you are God/the Universe and that anywhere you focus your consciousness, you create reality in one of the infinite physical and nonphysical realms. It all begins with thought, contemplation, prayer, dreams, plans, desires or any method of focusing your consciousness.

Opening question:

Who is responsible for how your life is right now? Your parents? You? Your teachers? God? How is that true? How is that not true? We know everything is made of the stuff of God, and we know that we are each unique expressions of God. How do we take credit? How do we assign blame?

Active Listening: After reading Hey, Little Ant about perspectives, we discuss ways we are responsible for our lives and how we can choose to express the creative intelligence of the universe as God in Action.

Creative Expression – Art is in Everything

We will use unusual objects such as: sponges, forks, q-tips, aluminum foil, leaves, food (cut up apples, potatoes), stencils, found or recycled items, etc. to create an art piece using something other than brushes. The more abstract the better! Have fun mixing colors, textures, and materials. Everyone will be invited to share their unique masterpiece.

October 11, 2020 Monthly Theme: Cosmic Connections

Weekly theme: Inextricably Connected

Affirmation: “I AM connected to ALL Life”

Spiritual Lesson: This month our focus is on Unity – cherishing the Human Family and recognizing the One-ness of everything. “If we think of ourselves as being separated from the Universe, we shall be limited by this thought, for it is a belief in separation from God which binds and limits..” ~ Ernest S. Holmes

A. Love yourself (your personal consciousness) unconditionally

B. Love your broader self (other people) unconditionally

C. Love the nonhuman aspects of the Universe/God

D. Love God/the universe

E. Identify and transcend all negative feelings of hate, indifference, anger, dislike, embarrassment or any emotion that feels unpleasant.

“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger” – Buddha

Opening question: Think about a time when you have felt separate. Usually this comes from a negative feeling or experience. Feeling isolated and alone is a real feeling, but it is not the truth. What can we do during these times of distress to remember our Oneness?

Active Listening: We will read the book “How do You Hug a Porcupine?” By Laurie Isop and talk about how expressing love and affection is all about meeting each person (in this case, animal) where they are at.

Creative Expression – Story Prompts 

We will take turns building a story with a prompt relating to a character who faces adversity and chooses her life path’s based on love.

October 4, 2020 Monthly Theme: Cosmic Connections

Weekly: Just Like Me

Affirmation: “We are all connected to each other.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

Spiritual Lesson: “We are all connected to each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe, atomically.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

This month we are building on the September lessons of Love. Focus conversations on the connectedness of everyone, everything, every being. Consider how we take care of the Earth, our pets, our home, our family, and our friends. We will use inspirational books such as One Good Deed by Terri Fields to open and guide these conversations.

Opening question: When do you feel connected to someone or something “outside” of yourself? Identify some thing or someone to whom they feel a strong connection.

Creative Expression – Unity Poster

Each person traces their hand and forearm (or you trace it for them if younger… you can even use hand-shaped cut-outs). They decorate their hand with bright colored markers… coloring the ENTIRE hand and then cutting it out. These hands are arranged in the shape of a heart around an inspirational quote describing how together, our uniqueness gives us power.

September 27, 2020 Theme: Transcending Fear

Weekly Topic: Light-Heartedness

Affirmation:  “I am the high flying vibrational frequency of love and light. I broadcast this message to all of God’s creation.” Rev. Michelle Ingalls

Spiritual Lesson: – You are a Spiritual Broadcasting Station!

“We are vibrational beings. We are constantly broadcasting into creative law the particular vibrational frequency of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Every feeling, belief and thought has a natural vibrational frequency. We attract to ourselves the same vibrational frequency we’re tuned into, much like a radio dial that tunes into a particular frequency. (Think of tuning a radio receiver to the frequency to reach a clear radio station)

God, as First Cause, is the original broadcasting station, extending Its vibration out into all of Its creation.” Rev. Michelle Ingalls

“Love and all of its relatives; compassion, kindness, joy and many more, produce higher vibrations than those related to fear.” Rev. Michelle Ingalls

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

The cool thing is, once we recognize where are energy is, if it needs a course correction WE have the ability to change it! Remember, the Law of Spirit always says YES, it returns to us exactly what we broadcast out.

Attentive Listening: We will watch some very cool videos of sound vibrations using fire, water, salt etc. There is also one showing different patterns of salt reacting to HZ/hertz frequencies.

Creative Activity – My vibrational frequency – Energy balls

Everyone rubs their hands together fast, feel the warmth build, then slowly pull your hands apart from each other a few inches. Feel the strings of electricity, like tingles in the palm of your hand. Shape the energy into a ball. Keep it small so it can eventually fit in one hand. Feel its weight, size and shape.

September 20, 2020 Theme: Transcending Fear

Weekly Theme: Zone of Genius


“Today I stand in my truth, a child of God full of Light, Love, Power and Potential” Susan Robinson, RScP

Spiritual Lesson: The Consciousness that Heals

Or… Inner Guidance

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy went on a magical journey in a land far, far away. Along the way she found some new friends and traveling companions and came up against those who wanted to sabotage her journey and those who wanted to control the outcome, even some who wished to harm her.

But she stayed the course no matter what challenges, obstacles and adventures she encountered because she thought that this journey was the way she and her friends would finally find the answers to their questions and she could go home.

It wasn’t until the illusion was shattered that she realized she had had the answer all the time. The ruby slippers that she had been wearing took her home when she was ready. She had discovered that the answer was within her all the time.

Pay attention to where you place your faith!

We all have an Inner guidance system that leads us in the direction of our highest good. It is the Consciousness that heals!

Attentive Listening:

We will watch a video book reading of “The House That Jane Built” by Tanya Lee Stone and share what we are passionate about and what we could do with our talents. We will discuss the importance of following our passions and asking questions about life.

Activity or Creative Expression – My Here to There Maze

The youth will create a picture of a “here” place, feeling, emotion or god quality that they are experiencing now…  and a “there” picture of something they would like to see, visit or experience in the future.

Youth will receive a paper template to recreate the 1907 Hull House community from the story The House That Jane Built.

Youth will receive a Palmer House Brownie recipe to make for their family.

Physical Activity: We will play a Reaction! game over zoom!   

September 13, 2020 Theme: Transcending Fear

Weekly Theme: Wisdom


Health, wealth, radiating love and creativity are mine to be embraced and expressed in every now moment.” Rev. Moira Fox

Spiritual Lesson: One Healer

This month we are looking at the topic of revealing Wholeness as a way of transcending fear. We often say in our affirmative prayers, we are whole, perfect and complete. That phrase speaks to the changeless internal presence of Spirit/God within us.

Our outer experience of the world may not look whole, perfect or complete all the time. Life has a way of teaching us lessons through trials and errors that are the pathway for us to grow and learn. Often in times of trial or error, we become sad or angry or a variety of other emotions that don’t necessarily feel good, and they certainly don’t feel perfect! If we linger to long in the negative thoughts in our mind, it has the effect of becoming a mental monster of our own creation!

In order to tame the monster, it’s helpful to use our spiritual tools. Take a moment to have 3 long slow breaths then pause and take 3 more, this time turning your thoughts to Spirit/God and the Love and Power that is your inherited nature as an expression of Spirit/God. 

Shining the light of Love in the dark places of our experiences can give us the perspective to see things in a different way. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see a gift in the situation and learn from it going forward. Remembering to love ourselves just the way we are.

Here is a poem that speaks to the power of LOVE

LOVE – by Emmet Fox

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

Attentive Listening: Book Ideas…

What do you do with a Problem – Kobi Yamada (if you didn’t use it June)

Monster Watch – Nancy Cheifetz

Activity or Creative Expression – My Monster

Using some fun materials, the children can create their own personal Monster, as a way of seeing it for what it is – a creation of their own making!

Sharing/Closing Circle: We will practice some team building / ice breaker games together.

Lesson created by Susan Robinson, RScP and adapted by Adrienne Cherry

September 6, 2020 Theme: Transcending Fear

Value: Love is our Faith

Spiritual Quote:

“No fear can remain where faith holds sway. Faith reunites us with the original, creative Spirit, the Divine Mind, which already exists at the center of our being.” This Thing Called Life p.26.5


“I am the manifestation of God in form. Watch out world, here I come!”

Rev. Gayle Dillon

Spiritual Lesson: Transcending Fear

What we put our attention on grows… “If we focus on what is wrong, we keep recreating the same things over and over again. … How we language anything either builds walls or builds community. Ask yourself, in a world that works for everyone, what can I do to help heal the planet?”

Rev. Gayle Dillon

Every moment we choose we take action, speak up and out or – stand up for peace & equality for all we transcend the atmosphere of fear and become a beacon of Faith and Peace. When we live this way, we show others they can live this way too. Let’s use our energy for GOOD together!

Knowing our true selves creates room to feel empowered with love instead of fear.

“You and I are a sacred LOVE story. We get to clarify what our Love story is and how we feel about it. What we love about it we celebrate and live boldly. What we don’t love about it we set free. Then as we heal we become a more beneficial presence on this planet: Our Mother Earth.”

Rev. Frankie Timmers

Active Listening:

The Water Princess – Susan Verde – Another gem from the team of Susan Verde and Peter H Reynolds (companion worksheets avail @ A young girl dreams of bringing clean drinking water to her African village.

Creative Expression – Choice Wheels

Materials – paper plates – markers – brads – small arrows cut from cardstock. 

Draw pie slices on your paper plate – then fill them in with things that help you move beyond “fears” – Thinks like – blow bubbles – pay a fun game – watch funny videos – Count to ten slowly – take a walk in nature –  etc.

Spiritual Practice -Fear to Faith Worksheet

We will share our Fear to Faith worksheets that were assigned earlier in the week and discuss our ideas of how to combat fear with love.

August 30, 2020 — Diversity and Inclusion

Value: Honoring All People

Youth share lessons with their family based on the principals that God is in everything everywhere, that I am naturally whole and complete because God’s divine is in me and in everyone, that I create my experiences by what I choose to think, feel, and believe, that through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with the divine and bring out the good in my life, and that by doing and giving my best by living my Truth, I know I make a difference.


“I breathe in the love and peace that I am and radiate it out as a blessing to the members of our global family.”  Susan Robinson, RScP

Mindfulness practice and Prayer:  (Special practice today)

With today’s theme of “Honoring All People”, today’s mindfulness practice is an opportunity to slow down and feel the GLOBAL heartbeat.

We will play a heartbeat rhythm, imagining our heartbeats syncing with the sound. Then we will add everyone on the planet until there is one heartbeat beating together for global peace, gratitude and harmony.

Spiritual Lesson: Honoring All People

Appreciation, acknowledgment, grace, recognition, praise, gratefulness, honor, thankfulness, respect, these are all different words for Gratitude.

Today as we wrap up our month, we place our intention of gratitude outward to the global community as a way of honoring all people.

Regardless of where we come from or where we live we are a global community that shares ONE mind within Spirit and ONE planet that we all call home. Within that ONE mind and all over our beautiful planet, we exist in a variety of ways and within a variety of cultural traditions.

Today our invitation is to honor all people from a place of peace and Unity. Imagine in your mind’s eye – that all discord of any type is lifted. That we as a Global community lay down our differences and pay greater attention to the things we have in common.

Active Listening:

Within our Centers for Spiritual Living communities is a blessing called The Global Vision. We’ll read and listen to the words together and then as a way of honoring all people we are going to make prayer flags today.

Creative Expression:  Prayer Flags

This is a great project for recycling an old white sheet if you have one or using materials that can be repurposed. Or you might be able to find some that are pre-printed that the children can color. And, if resources are tight, you can find them in paper form to color!

August 23, 2020 – Diversity and Inclusion

Value: Finding Kindness in Common

Week #3: Respect through Finding Kindness

Youth will demonstrate that individuals belong to different groups and commu­nities and that speaking and acting kindly show respect toward others and can result in a culture of kindness. Youth will identify ways that they can help those with disabilities in the community, how to respond to those in need, and how to reach out to people who have different cultural backgrounds than us to begin communications that bring about peace in the world.

Affirmation: When I become aware of the kindness happening around me, I can easily find new ways to demonstrate and receive kindness.

Readings: We will watch news videos and read articles about everyday people doing random acts of kindness in their communities and share acts of kindness that we’ve noticed our family, peers, and community doing. We will discuss what it means to receive an act of kindness from others and what impacts kindness can have on the world.


We are inundated with news stories about all the terrible things that happen in the world, but there is good all around us as well. People showing compassion, care and kindness to others are all around us.


The youth will look at different publication sources and out in their community for examples of caring, concern and kindness to share with the group. We will discuss how conflicts have led to division in the world, and how acts of kindness have helped to bring people in communities and nations together by honoring our differences. We will create a mixed art poster showcasing all of our examples of Acts of Kindness to share.

Advanced Material Tween/Teen:

We can show kindness to others by respecting who they are, but we also need to show that same respect to ourselves. Speaking positively about ourselves is one way to show that. We will practice speaking our truth to others and complimenting others on their God qualities.

August 16, 2020 – Diversity and Inclusion

Value: Finding Kindness in Common

Principal/SOM point of view:

We are rooted in the One, which produces limitless variety.


When I become aware of the kindness happening around me, I can easily find new ways to demonstrate and receive kindness.

Circle up – Mindfulness practice and Prayer:  Namaste Breath

For this month’s mindfulness practice, we are going to be doing a motion activity called “Namaste Breath” (Translation – the Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you)

Spiritual Lesson: Finding Kindness

We are inundated with news stories about all the terrible things that happen in the world, but there is good all around us as well. People showing compassion, care and kindness to others are all around us.

Active Listening:  We will watch a Storyline Online book reading of “The Rainbow Fish” and decide on one thing to do to share our talent with someone else. We will be creating special handwritten letters to give to the elders out in our local community.

Creative Expression:  Kindness Collage

The youth will look at different publication sources and out in their community for examples of caring, concern and kindness to share with the group. We will discuss how conflicts have led to division in the world, and how acts of kindness have helped to bring people in communities and nations together by honoring our differences. We will create a mixed art poster showcasing all of our examples of Acts of Kindness to share.

August 9, 2020 – Diversity and Inclusion

Value: Who Are We?

Principal/SOM point of view:

We are rooted in the One, which produces limitless variety.


I see the sacred, I hear the sacred, I speak the sacred, All Life is Sacred!

Rev. Sunshine Daye

Circle up – Mindfulness practice and Prayer:  Namaste Breath)

For this month’s mindfulness practice, we are going to be doing a motion activity called “Namaste Breath” (Translation – the Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you)

Spiritual Lesson: Unique but Different – Who Are We?

Today as we continue our exploration of Diversity we look at two more words and how they apply in our lives, Unique and Different.

From Rev. Sunshine Daye – Unique = The Only one of its kind. Singularity.

Different = A point or way in which two things or people are not the same.

Notice all the different kinds of flowers that are blooming in the summer. They are all flowers, unique in their own expression yet different from the other. Just like many of the examples we looked at last week – Diversity is everywhere.

“A Stained Glass Spirit community is one where each person is recognized as a unique expression of God and their individual strength and beauty become essential elements that contribute to a lively and inspiring collective experience.” Tracy Brown

Today we will explore some of the ways we are unique and different. Some questions to contemplate is what are some of the ways your are alike and different from your friends and family. What name do you use for your grandma or grandpa? Who is in your family? Do you eat dinner at the same time together? What is your favorite pizza topping, flavor of ice-cream, color, book, game to play? How many teeth have your lost?

Our unique gifts and talents are a benefit to the whole. Our differences can be embraced as strengths when we appreciate and celebrate one another for who we are – God expressing beautifully and magnificently as you and me. Infinite possibility is now at hand.”

Rev. Sunshine Daye

Active Listening:  We will watch a Storyline Online book reading of “A Bad Case of Stripes” and contemplate how being true to ourselves will set us free.

Creative Expression:  My Stained Glass Spirit

We will show off our stained glass art we were sent as a home project and discuss how they are alike and different and all beautifully made.

August 2, 2020 — Diversity and Inclusion

Value: Diversity

Affirmation: “We are rooted in the One Life, which produce limitless variety. I celebrate and honor the variety of Life Itself!”  Rev. Karen Fry

Spiritual Lesson: Diversity and Inclusion

Our topic this month for the month of August is Diversity and Inclusion, two big words and concepts for us to explore together.

Remember each of us are created out of the same God stuff and we are each filled with lots of great qualities like love, joy, peace, beauty, power and compassion. Yet no two of us are exactly the same. We are unique and… all part of One Divine essence all at the same time!

We are connected with all Life and the same beauty and love we have inside is also inside of every living thing.

Active Listening: We will read the book Be My Neighbor and discuss how we are showing up to our neighbors.

Creative Expression:  Collaborate – Made together art!

We will take a tour of our planet, its beautiful plants, animals, and humans that help create our colorful world. We will practice saying our shared God-qualities with different forms of life and begin designing our “stained glass spirit” collaborative art piece.

Game: Link of Interests

We will take turns sharing statements about ourselves to our group and are invited to raise our hands when we hear a statement that is also true for us.

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