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August 7: Nature — Earth Force, Report for Duty!

Attention all planetary citizens: Earth Force needs you now! Report for duty to nurture and protect planet Earth. Join like-minded individuals in support of a worthy and noble cause. Experience the everyday wonder of Nature right where you are.

Affirmation:  I am one with all of Life on and as planet Earth.

Practice: Get out and experience your connection with Nature.

August 14: Nature — The Water of Life

“Water, water everywhere…” About 71 percent of our planet’s surface is water-covered, yet only a very small percent is usable for drinking and agriculture. Can we repair what we are doing to our planet and the water that all life relies upon to live? 

August 21: Nature — The Furry, the Fuzzy, the Slimy, the Scaly, and Everyone Else

Before 2020, you probably never heard of the Pangolin. Though the animal intermediary responsible for the pandemic remains unidentified, this rare, gentle creature continues to be hunted, after its bad COVID-related press. Our planet is filled with many plants, animals and insects that we misuse, abuse or fear because of the stories we’ve believed. Let us not forget that all life is sacred and a vital part of this living planet’s ecosystem.

August 28: Nature — Naturally Divine

What makes Humans behave the way we do? Is it our genes that decide if we will become a doctor, lawyer, or movie star? Are we predestined to a particular life, as some believe, or do we determine our destiny, as others believe?