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January 2021 Talk Titles
Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision

January 3rd: Grounding Beyond the Beginning.

Fundamental spiritual principles are ageless and cross many spiritual traditions. Spiritual humility is the path of evolution.

January 10th: Grounding Beginning the Beginning

We recognize and remember the ancient traditions upon which SOM is built.

January 17th: Here and Now

Using spiritual practice and present moment awareness, we take a genuine and deep look at where we are right now, in ourselves, our communities and our movement

January 24th: Looking Ahead

Having taken stock, we are ready to begin our journey.
Guest Speaker: Gregg Levoy

January 31st: Looking Above

We remember that above and within it all is Spirit. We turn our attention to the Source of all.

February 2021 Talk Titles
One Journey, Many Paths

February 7th: A Clean Slate

We are not bound by precedent, but freed by Principle. We can experience the One in new ways.

February 14th: The Infinite Invisible (Valentine’s Day)

“Put into practice what you already know.”

~ Joel Goldsmith

February 21st: One Mind, Infinite Connections

Our connection to Spirit is also our connection to each other.

February 28th: Journey to Freedom

The journey to freedom is about embodying and living the Truth of Love, Unity, and Freedom.