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May 22: EMOTIONS — Looking Anger in the Eye

Anger can be like a hurricane.  In the “eye” of the storm there is peace.  Therefore, I can find calm waters in the midst of the turbulence.

Affirmation: I feel and direct my emotions wisely.

Practice: Sit mindfully with anger. Ask: Where does it live in my life? What is it really about? (Usually not the reason we think.) And, What can I learn here? Practice listening with love.

May 29: EMOTIONS — Low Tide or High Tide

How do we move through the constant ebb and flow of life, ride the waves, and stay afloat?  Grab your life jacket!

June 5: BODY — Welcome to the Temple

This month, we will explore how to live everyday wonder through the magnificent and magical creation that is our body. The body you have, right here and right now, is an expression of God. By loving it, learning about it, and listening to it, we come closer and closer to the Divine. 

June 12: BODY — Loving this Body

Our bodies are perfectly and wonderfully made! By learning to love our bodies exactly as they are, instead of demanding that they become something they aren’t, we open to the experience of the here and now and can move into reverence and awe of this absolutely divine creation. 

June 19: BODY — The Body Remembers

Our bodies, being intricately connected and responsive to our minds, remember even the stories that our minds have pushed aside. This week, we will explore the mind/body connection, how trauma or pain is translated from the mind to the body, and methods for understanding and releasing these burdens. 

June 26: BODY — Home at Last

We live in a material world and yet our highest calling is to a state of nonduality, oneness, that both transcends the material and incorporates it.