Special Announcements

Gwinwood is moving into a full year-round retreat center, with the hopes of continual year-round use. This has been part of our long-term goals and we are taking advantage of the empty grounds to do some of the work when possible.

Westwood is very close with only some minor updates.  We will be
removing the single beds from the sleeping room leaving the double bed,
 a small dresser and some “homey” touches.  We would like to add a sink in each room, however, that is part of a longer plan.

 Currently, we are in the process of renovating the Chalet to become a
small retreat center.  This renovation started before the pandemic, so the funds were already in place. There will be 4 private bedrooms, a
living room, kitchen/dining room, two bathrooms, an open loft and laundry.  We are very close to finishing as the flooring is now being put in.

 Our next project will be the renovations of 2 of our original cabins for individual retreats (similar to our director’s cabin).  Eventually, we will be converting our cabins into four individual retreat sleeping
rooms with drop-down bunk beds for camper use during the summers.

I’m going to cast the net wide as resources often come just by asking.

Practical Items:
       Stove  (electric)
      4 small dressers
      4 small bedside tables
      Comfy Chair
We have a tankless water heater that needs to be installed

       10 small bedside tables
       10 Comfy chairs
       10 small dressers

 Renovations of Small Cabins Skills
  Electrical work
  Design work

 These are the areas that we are most concerned with right now.

 We appreciate your offer knowing that Gwinwood is a place of importance
 to others.

 Thank you,