Youth and Family


We are committed to creating a Sunday morning program where all children experience their oneness with God, form loving connections with one another and learn Science of Mind spiritual principles and practices. We believe that nurturing the unique spirit of a child produces expressions of unlimited possibilities that will last a lifetime.



10:30 am Meditation & 11:00 am Program



The Youth and Family Program is growing as our community welcomes more families. Newcomers are always welcome!


The Children’s Program currently offers two classes: Pre-K through 2nd grade, and 3rd grade and up, with a specific curriculum for Tweens and Teens (seeTeens Changing the World” below).


Each week, the children gather in the classroom just before the Sunday Celebration begins at 11 am.


Every Sunday children can participate in age-specific active meditation classes at 10:30 am which coincides with our adult meditation session time.


Casual clothing is recommended. We do a lot of fun, creative — and sometimes messy — activities.


The children re-join the adults near the end of the service and will have an opportunity to share something they have learned or created.


Parents are required to participate in class as an assistant at least one Sunday per quarter and can apply to join our co-teacher team which includes ongoing training and flexible schedule.

Consistency pays off. Your children will feel more a part of the community if they develop connections with other kids through regular attendance.

We love seeing our members as a family. Your children are always welcome to take part in the regular service instead of the children’s program.


Our program is designed to teach spiritual principles in age-appropriate, interactive, and fun ways. We follow the Centers for Spiritual Living children’s curriculum and include additional meaningful activities of our own. Through stories, music, craft projects, drama and discussion, our youngest members awaken their creative expression and learn the same spiritual principles presented during the adult Sunday Celebration. The entire month’s lesson plan is available for parents to review.


Teens are empowered by the authentic bonds they create through practicing expressions of love, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. Participating in creative games, workshops, and partner collaborations using the Science of Mind principles gives them the tools to become deep listeners, inclusive friends, and doers in their community who radiate passion and purpose with integrity and love. This inclusive, supportive environment allows teens experiencing various challenges a place to work through and transform themselves into the Divine with limitless possibilities and fresh perspectives to express out in the world.

Teen Camps: Every year, the teens of the Centers for Spiritual Living teens and youth group advisors have the opportunity to go to two teen camps – one in the summer, and one in the winter. Summer camp is held in Idyllwild, CA and includes teen groups from across the world. Winter camp is held at a regional level, which currently includes the following regions: Canada, Northeast, Rocky Mountain, Northern California/Colorado, and Southern California.


CSL Olympia Teens are being represented by our Center again at the CSL Summer Teen Camp for the third year in a row!  After Ocean returned from his first year at teen camp with his adviser, James, he exclaimed that he would be going to every CSL teen camp in the future.

He came back with his eyes and heart wide open with so much desire to share his potential and love with the world.  These teens are finding their voice among other teens that make it okay to lift one another up in their individuality, express the love in their hearts, and celebrate their connection to spirit as one.

Join me in supporting our CSL Olympia teen adviser, James, and our teen, Ocean who are ready to experience and express their power to change this world for the better.

By offering scholarships to our teens, you will cause a transformative experience for them that may result in smiling constantly, having a sense of purpose for themselves and the world, confidence in expressing themselves, bouts of inspiration, responsible actions, random acts of kindness, determination to live out their dreams, inspiring others to reach their potential, and meaningful friendships that will tend to last a lifetime.

For more details about the camp, click here

To support our CSL Olympia teens directly with an online donation click here, or write a check to CSL Olympia and put “teen camp” in the memo line.  Additionally, if you would like to help with a fundraising activity, please contact Adrienne at or stop by the youth class.

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