Youth and Family Themes

November Curriculum

God is all.  All there is, is the manifestation of the self-knowingness of God.  Our life is eternal, continual, and forever expanding.  Life is eternally good, eternally loving, and eternally giving.  We depend on this.

November:  It’s All Energy

Week #1 – November 5:  You’re Not What You’ve Got – Sufficiency

Main Message:  An unlimited supply of ideas is available to you.  All knowledge, discoveries, and inventions are in the Universal Mind as possibilities, waiting for the human mind to draw them forth.  You hold everything in your consciousness.  (from The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne)

 Reading:  We will act out the story, Lotsa de Casha, by Madonna – about Lotsa being rich and very unhappy until his adventurous journey helps him discover life’s greatest treasure.

Activity:  Youths identify and draw 6 symbols representing material things that they value most – what they could not live without while listening to “The Way of the Light.”  Once in groups, they will describe why they chose them and how their identity may be connected to these things.  We will play, “Who’s the Boss?”  One youth will leave the room while the group picks a leader who makes movements for everyone to repeat.  The youth will return and figure out who the leader is.  In order to participate in the next round, the youth must give up one of their 6 symbols they value least.  We will discuss why it may have been difficult to give up our “things,” how it felt, and discover who we are without those things.  We will ask the youth to give away one of their symbols to someone else and notice how it can feel good to give something meaningful away to others.

Advanced Material Tween/Teen:  We will invite teens to write a list of their belongings, cut them out, and tape them to their clothes.  We will play a game where we will take turns removing our labels and explain why it’s one of our favorite things.  We will toss our ball of “things” into a basket and have the group write new labels for us that describe what we truly have (forever).

Affirmation:  My abundance is in the Universal Mind, and is within me.


Week #2 – November 12:  Go With the Flow – Circulation
Life begets life.  Energy creates energy.  It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.  – Sarah Bernhardt

Main Message:  Circulation is what is needed for us to flow.  If there is a place in your life in which you are experiencing lack, you have the opportunity to unblock the energy by giving more of what you are desiring.  It is in the giving away that we make room for more.

Reading:  We will listen to the song, The Way of the Light, by Gift of Gab, and discuss the lyric, “A million dollars does not a mortal man make whole. You can only take what you’re givin’ away though.”  We will discover how we can take something by giving it away and share how it feels to give of ourselves and to receive.  We will learn about how the brain reacts the same way with the release of serotonin when we give and receive.

Activity:  We will illustrate our choices and the difference between lack and abundant consciousness.  After reading the story of the Warm Fuzzies, we will invite youth to give warm fuzzies to each other through deep listening, sincere words and feelings.  Our gift back will be our attention and understanding of any difficulties.  We will make our own physical “warm fuzzy” and practice mingling and giving warm fuzzies away as we express a word of appreciation of love for the person we are giving the fuzzy to.

Advanced Material Tween/Teen:  We discuss with the group if anyone has experienced tithing yet and play with the idea of giving 10% away and to who or what.  We will explore “living in the natural flow of life” as we attempt to partner write.  We will discuss challenges we had with our partner and imagine that with practice and trust how much easier it can become.

Connecting:  Classes will rejoin and doodle about letting go of stress and going with the flow as we listen to the words of the song, Million Pieces by Newsboys.

Affirmation:  When I am in the flow of giving and receiving, I am demonstrating gratitude.


Week #3 – November 19:  Enough 4 Everyone – Unlimited
Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.  – Kenny Rogers

Main Message:  How big is your God?  To answer this question, look at how you play in the world.  Do you play to win or do you play not to lose?  The only difference between yourself and that which inspires you is the belief that there is any difference at all.  Each one of us was born to be the greatest us that we want to be.  To limit ourselves is to limit God.

Reading:  We will read and discuss this week’s spiritual truth and answer the question, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Activity:  We will discover how truly powerful we are in our life and that we can do anything with our activity, “You Are the Creator of Your Life!”  We will manipulate clay into a symbol of something we are not completely satisfied with in our lives.  Just as we can change our clay design, we can change our life.  We will then invite the youth to change the form of their clay without limits into something wonderful using our thoughts and creative imagination.  We will share our new forms.  We will invite the youth to exchange their “I can do anything” message on a rock they designed in meditation with someone else as a reminder of our power.

Advanced Material Tween/Teen:  With the focus on tithing, we will discuss times we may wish we had what others have, felt jealous, or unhappy and explore what we can do to know that we are not lacking anything.  While listening to Defying Gravity from Wicked, we will journal, imagining our life with unlimited potential.

Connecting:  Classes will rejoin and play the Share Alike game where we will start with different amounts of candy and then to the timing and count of claps, we will give that number of candy away to see who ends up with the most pieces.  Everyone receives that same amount and then discuss how the game reflects real life and what we can do to help those in need.

Affirmation:  I am the creator of my life and there is no limit to how wonderfully my situation and life can change.


Week #4 – November 26:  Do What You Love – Joyfulness
Carbonation is to water like joy is to life; it keeps us all bubbly.  – Debbie Sztain (2008)

Main Message:  What makes bubbles float?  Though we can’t see it, air has the power to lift up this joyful little morsel in an elegant and graceful way.  Think about the times that you are most joyful.  What was the power that was lifting you?  Because Joyfulness is our true nature, it serves as a perfect barometer to measure how connected we are feeling to our Source of Good (God).

Reading:  We will watch a video describing the energy fields of the body and mind, and discuss how everything has energy and how we constantly transmit energy to other things everywhere we go.

Activity:  We practice intentionally transmitting joyful thoughts while a partner opens their heart and mind while holding dowsing rods.  We will experiment to see how the rods respond to joyful and negative thoughts and feelings with the support of the class.  We will discuss why the rods were affected by different levels of energy and explore where we think energy comes from if it cannot be created or destroyed.

Advanced Material Tween/Teen:  We will discuss and share three things that bring us the most joy in life and ask why people choose money over happiness, and what kind of job would bring us the most joy.  We will rank several values while listening to Love Is in the House by Toby Mac.

Connecting:  We will rejoin classes and ask the youth to describe in detail “The Perfect Day” and, knowing that money is no object, ask the youth to explain why they selected their choices.

Affirmation:  I know how connected I am feeling to my source of good when I’m expressing my true nature to be joyful.