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August Theme:  

The Form of Spiritual Mind Treatment

Weekly Topic:  Affirmations & Denials in Treatment

Affirmation:  “My good is my life. I know nothing else has power. God is all that is.”

Spiritual Quotes:  “It is not the form of the treatment which you give or the prayer which you make, that gives it power. Rather, it is your faith.” ~ Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You

The challenge and the opportunity of our teaching is that our thoughts and beliefs create our experience. If, in our minds, we argue with the realizations that we claim in our treatments, the doubt and false beliefs are likely to prevail, and made manifest by the Law, as this is where our attention is most active.  The argumentative form of prayer, with its denials preceding the affirmations, can release doubts from consciousness and empower the prayer and the one who speaks it.

Circle time: Class Prayer/Candle lighting and Offering –

Opening Question:  Share your name…then answer.

Can you share a time when a prayer was answered?

 Spiritual Lesson: Affirmations and Denials in Treatment (provided by ministerial notes of Rev. Tara Steele)

We must always begin where we are, for it is the only place where we are present.  And, little shifts in attention, in focus, eventually bring us home to the Truth of who we are.

At first, it may be necessary to deny just a small part of our “human” experience, for example, something like “Although in this moment, it seems I am less healthy than I would like to be, I know that more vitality is on its way to me now.”  Sometimes one must recognize a challenge and deny its power when one recognizes it.

As a faith and trust that greater health is coming is affirmed and expected, that creates the chink in the armor of disbelief and opens up space for Spirit to make it so.

As spiritual beings in human form, we are living in a both and world.  We recognize that underneath everything is God, whole, perfect, and complete.  And sometimes our human experience does not feel perfect.

In those times, it is helpful to discover what one can believe, even if it is only a step along the way to the ultimate destination.  Is one willing to consider that something might be possible, perhaps something less than the final outcome, even though for Spirit, there is no big or small?

The invitation is to cease the inner struggle, to find that bit of light that one can affirm so that the full radiance of Spirit may shine forth. As the ancient Chinese proverb says, “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

What do you tell yourself when you don’t believe your prayer can be answered? (open discussion)

This is what Ernest Holmes has to say about it.

“Affirmations and denials are for the purpose of vitalizing faith – for the purpose of converting thought to a belief in things spiritual.  The foundation for correct mental treatment is perfect God, perfect man, and perfect being. Thought must be organized to fit this premise, and conclusions must be built on this premise. We must keep our faith vital if we hope to successfully treat for ourselves or others.”  Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, 159:2.

“If one’s blood pressure is high, a demonstration will not have been made until it is reduced to normal. To claim that [someone] is perfectly normal, while the blood pressure remains high, would be an affront to the intelligence of any sane individual.”  Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, 175:4

Active Listening:

The youth will read What Do You Do With A Problem? by Kobi Yamada and discuss how we change our perspective when we notice doubts creeping up when we don’t believe our prayer will get answered.

Review the five steps to the spiritual mind treatment song learned earlier this month.

Book Ideas:

What Do You Do With A Problem?  Kobi Yamada

This Thing Called You  Ernest Holmes

The Secret to Teen Power  Paul Harrington

Activity or Creative Expression – My Word is My Power

Revisit your tree of hearts. Are there words you would like to add? Get them on the tree!

Activity: State Your Greatness. Stand in your Power.

Youth will use different colored yarn representing Thought, Feeling, and Belief and weave them with and without Feeling and discover the difference in how our world is created. The youth will be invited to choose a powerful affirmation and using a superhero stance will take turns saying their truth out loud with feeling while their friends repeat that back for them, cheering them on.

Choose the image that will be your affirmation for the week. Color/decorate it. Display it at home where you will see it and repeat it often!

Supplies: Positive affirmation coloring pages (see attached or supply your own), markers, colored pencils, crayons.

Teens Class: Teens will read The Secret to Teen Power: A Universal Power Source and discuss what they tell themselves when they don’t believe their prayer can be answered. Referencing This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes, they will create ways of changing their focus toward possibility based on their Truth and choosing to notice the many bits of light that over time will manifest their prayers.

The teens will review various ways to use spiritual mind treatment with their power words and discuss how to treat for their friends.

Sharing/Closing Circle:  Class Clean up:

Lesson created by Jennifer Bick, RScP, and adapted by Adrienne Cherry,