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June Theme:  

Spiritual Wisdom and How to Follow It

June ~ Week 4How to Create a Spiritual Chain Reaction

Affirmation:  “My love is powerful. I spread my love, light and joy for the entire world to see, feel and experience.”  -Adapted from Susan Robinson, RScP

Spiritual Quote:  “It is wonderful to realize that we can sit in the quiet of our own being and consciously direct a Power greater than we are for the definite purpose of helping ourselves and someone else.” Living the Science of Mind, pg 241

Circle time:  Class Prayer/Candle lighting and Offering – Affirmation/Mindfulness cards will be in each classroom to share and lead you into a short practice of stillness.

Opening Question:  Share your name, then answer:

Who is someone who inspires you?

Spiritual Lesson:   How to Create a Spiritual Chain Reaction!

“Did you ever notice the contagion of a happy person, one who has an enthusiastic joy in living? Their spirit permeates those around them and the contagion of their personality influences the environment to such an extent that it finally changes it.” (Living the Science of Mind pg 240)  Revised for gender inclusivity.

Do you have someone in your life that is joyful all the time? Or maybe there is someone in your class at school or in this very room that always seems to lighten the mood or put a smile on your face? These people live from their spiritual truth, from the joy, the love and the light of creation that is at the heart of their very being. This joy, love and light is in the heart of every being, even if not all of us express it outwardly.

We all have the power to influence, to be the creator of a spiritual chain reaction. We do it through our faith, through our prayer practices, when we meditate or when we practice mindfulness. Every time we take a moment to go within and remember the Divine nature that lives in all of creation we activate a wave of love into motion.

Life also presents us with plenty of opportunities to practice.  There are moments when it feels like everything isn’t going the way we want it to go. We might get mad, angry, sad, frustrated, disappointed, etc. With time, those feelings will pass, yet in those moments, it feels as if the weight of the world rests upon our shoulders.  Chances are those are also teaching moments, somewhere in the heart of our discomfort is a lesson or a gift if we take the time to pay attention.

The Power of creation is right where we are in EVERY moment!

“The Power that holds a grain of sand in place is the same Power that holds the Planets in their place. There is nothing big or little or hard or easy as far as the Power (of Spirit) is concerned.” Living the Science of Mind, pg 243

How will you use the Power that resides in you to create a chain reaction of love, light and joy today? This week?

Active Listening – We will watch a Spirit Science – Chakras video and learn how our chakras radiate energy and how balancing our energy will help us naturally express our full spirit to the world. We talk about all the positive ways our circle of youth will create positive chain reactions.

* You could also create a LOVE TRAIN chain as you walk into the main service – for those of you who blend your students into the Sunday service – carry hearts or pass them out to congregants – go wild – spread the LOVE.

Activity or Creative Expression – Love Chains

Pre-craft work: Type out love notes – sweet positive affirmations on plain paper then copy them onto colorful paper and cut into strips.

Use the strips to create a chain of positive affirmations (so they read on the outside of the strip). You can also bend the paper and create hearts from the strips to create a Heart Chain (may also require staplers or tape).

 Lesson created by Susan Robinson, RScP, and adapted by Adrienne Cherry,