Themes / Curriculum

February Curriculum

Back to Basics – The Magic of the Mind

This month we will examine True Spirituality.  Using Ernest Holmes’ books, This Thing Called You and Living the Science of Mind, we will focus on the basics of the Science of Mind teachings and examine the Law of Mind which responds to our thoughts, faith, and convictions.


Week #1 – February 4:  Discovering the Science of Mind

Lesson:  There is one power in the Universe that flows in and through all things.  This power is invisible, but we know it is there.  This power is called by many different names (God, Spirit, etc.).  We look at ways to see this invisible power in action…in nature (birds – migration), in science (sun and moon, and biology (thirst and fatigue).

Reading/Viewing:  This Thing Called You – page 16; and Spirit Science – Source Energy video

Activities:  Intuition Cards, sharing a Spiritual Mind Treatment, and drawing the Science of Mind symbol

Affirmation:  I am aware of my Spiritual Power every moment and allow it to divinely guide my actions.


Week #2 – February 11:  Spirituality

Lesson:  The One power is in all people.  Everyone we see is a reflection of God.  We are completely made of spirit, but we are not all of spirit.  Everyone else in the world is also spirit.  We will make distinctions between spirituality and superstition and between inherited thought patterns and divinely created thoughts.

Reading/Viewing:  This Thing Called You – pages 36, 46, and 47; Spirit Science – Evolution video

Activities:  Waterdrops, and Cards for Humanity game

Affirmation:  I have confidence in the Supreme Good and allow it to flow through me, blessing everything and everyone I contact.


Week #3 – February 18:  Thinking and Creating Affirmatively

Lesson:  We create our life based upon our thoughts, words and actions.  There is a law that is at work that makes things happen.  Everything we see that was created, started with someone’s thoughts.  God made things we see reflect abundance (stars & sand), creation (seed to tree), and circulation/cycles (seasons and water cycle).

Reading/Viewing:  This Thing Called You, pages 57-58; and How “I Am” Statements Work With Our Energetic Frequencies – Gaia video

Activities:  Sharing Affirmative Prayer Treatments, Co-painting, and “Being in the Now” blindfold game

Affirmation:  I choose to live each moment, fully aware that my life is the Life of God.


Week #4 – February 25:  Transformation Through Gratitude

Lesson:  When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.  God is only good.  Our thoughts, words and actions can be aligned with God or not.  We have the choice.

Reading/Viewing:  This Thing Called You – page 75; and Thank You – inspirational video

Activities:  Mind-Changing Perspective game, Creating Intentions for the year, Sharing God-Quality rocks, and The Laughing game

Affirmation:  With gratitude, I bring gladness and enthusiasm into every experience of my life.