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Sunday Themes and Curriculum 2020
Our Theme for the Year: Spirituality in Action

February: All the Colors of Love

February 23, 2020

Weekly #4: Seeing Love with Belief, Faith and Prayer

Affirmation: “I am love, I am purpose, I was made with divine Intention.” Rebekah Boruki –

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February 16, 2020

Week #3: Receiving Revelations of Spirit

“Freely and joyously, I open to Divine Guidance as it is revealed to me, moment by moment.”  Rev. Trish Hall

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February 9, 2020

Week #2: Love is My Spiritual Essence

“Today I express my Spiritual essence by spreading joy, kindness and love to everyone I come in contact with.”  Susan Robinson, RScP

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February 2, 2020

Week #1: Love is My Religion

 Spiritual Quote:
“There is a Power for good in the Universe greater than we are and we can use it. This power is equally present everywhere and available to ALL. There are many religions in the world, but there is only One reality, One truth.” Rev. Gerd Pontow

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January: Getting Grounded (Back to Basics)

January 26, 2020

Week #4: Levels of Consciousness and The Global Vision

Message: We envision a world that works for everyone and for all of creation. UNITY.

As we begin our journey together this New Year, you are invited to imagine how the world would look and feel if we all got along. How wonderful it would be if we all shared our resources; treated our planet and each other with respect, acted from kindness, practiced forgiveness, explored our creativity, gave back to the World and lived our lives filled with Peace, Love and Harmony as a Global Family.  That’s what we get to practice this new year of 2020.

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January 19, 2020

Week #3: Thoughts are Things

Message: There are no limitations in our life other than the ones we have placed there. When we feel a sense of God within us we seem to lose all of our self-centeredness. This week, we will use the parable of The Good Samaritan to demonstrate the way we think, feel and act toward others governs the results we experience. It is in our own thought that love and harmony or hate and discord have their beginnings.

Quote: “Stand guard at the portals of your mind, and decide what you will let enter there.” –paraphrasing Mary Baker Eddy

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January 12, 2020

Week #2: How to Use Thought

Affirmation: My thoughts are Law in Action

Spiritual Lesson:

Everything in the universe acts in accordance with Law, behaving in an orderly manner.  An idea or thought must precede the appearance of anything of a tangible nature.

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January 5, 2020

Week #1: In the Beginning, God!

Spiritual Lesson: What is the Science of Mind?

Ernest Holmes studied many different faith traditions in his lifetime. His study focused on the points in which we all agree or have in common. He developed a scientific approach to explain how the Infinite Intelligence of Mind, (another word for God or Spirit) works in our individual minds. He created a teaching tool to help explain how our thoughts become our experience and he encouraged his students to practice noticing how their thoughts shaped their experience.

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