Volunteer Service

Volunteer Service

First and foremost, we understand that being in service offers a special opportunity for each of us to join a team and get to know others. Sharing who we are is a valuable life experience and we respect and appreciate what each has to offer. We just never know what someone will bring into the mix that will inspire us all

  • We choose to be in service because it propels us beyond our three-dimensional experience into the realm of creating heaven right here on earth
  • We choose to be in service because it transforms our lives
  • We choose to be in service because it is fun

We welcome your ideas and your creativity in the volunteer experience. We encourage everyone to participate within their own time and energy capabilities. You will never be pressured to play a role at the Center. We believe that maintaining a balance between work, family, play and spiritual life is one of the most important gifts we give to ourselves.

The Center for Spiritual Living-Olympia is an empowered spiritual community and there are many opportunities to contribute or participate. Sundays offer the greatest number of possibilities at this time: floor managing, hospitality, set-up, and clean-up, welcoming at the front door, guiding first-time visitors, answering questions at the Information Table, making music by performing individually or in the choir, or helping with Youth & Family Program.

Other opportunities include marketing, publications, event planning, mentoring new members and caring for our long-time members.

If you are interested in becoming part of our volunteer team, please contact us at volunteer@cslolympia.org.