Callings: In Search of An Authentic Life

Gregg Levoy – Workshop Leader

Sunday, October 13 – 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Lunch is available for purchase

Suggested donation $30

Location: Nova School, 2020 22nd Ave SE, Olympia

Callings are urgings from the deep self that tell us what it will take to make our lives literally “come true.” They point us toward awakenings, course-corrections and powerful authenticity. In this presentation, we’ll explore the psychological, spiritual and practical processes we encounter in listening and responding to our callings. The calls could be to make a career change or creative leap, take on a new role or let go of an old one, launch a new venture, or simply make a course-correction in your life or work. The central question we’ll tackle together: What wants to emerge in your life right now?  While honoring a calling’s essential mystery, we’ll also explore the questions that arise naturally in the presence of any call: What does it ask of us? How do we tell the true call from the siren-song? How do we handle our resistance to it? What happens when we say no? What happens when we say yes?


To spend a more personal time with Gregg, Rev. Terry and Rev. David, 10 tickets are available for a VIP dinner together at 5:00 following the workshop. Tickets are $50 and include the cost of the workshop, but not dinner. Please contact the office to purchase a ticket.