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The Science of Mind and Spirit provides tools and inspiration for living a fulfilled and empowered life.  This teaching is a compilation of the best of spiritual teachings, science, and philosophy applied to human needs and aspirations.  We are part of a movement known as New Thought and Ancient Wisdom.

Listed below are links to the talk titles, arranged by month and date.  The theme of each month’s talks is also provided.


February:  Monthly Thought – You Are Rooted in the Divine

January 7, 2018 – The Thing Itself (speaker – Rev. David Robinson)

This year, we celebrate 100 years of Science of Mind, our teaching.  This past Sunday, we began by one of my favorite processes – going back to basics.  If we are working on strengthening our bodies, the first thing we must do is strengthen our core – and keep it strengthened.  As we expand in our ability to live lives we love, it’s good to go back to that core teaching every once in a while.  Thus, we begin with Chapter 1 of the Science of Mind textbook – The Thing Itself.

Ernest Holmes wrote this to help us have a direct experience – and often a new experience – of an infinite Presence that was far different than the traditional idea of a god “up there” manipulating us “down here.”  “The Thing Itself”, a term borrowed from the Greek philosopher Plotinus, was his way of speaking of this “Thing” that was far greater than more traditional ideas of God.  Rather, it was that which exists prior to all sensory perception and from which all sensory perception, all expressions of Life flow.  Further, each of us is a center in the Divine Mind, a point of God-conscious life, love, truth and action, through which the invisible passes into the visible.

Ernest quotes Plotinus: “I do not argue, I contemplate, and as I contemplate, I let fall the seeds of thought into the mirror of mind, which becomes the mirror of matter.”  Rather than arguing with or resisting current circumstances – which only adds power to and belief in those circumstances – we contemplate (create a template/mold in connection with the Infinite) that which we do want.  The Infinite Substance, without agenda, conforms to our contemplated thought.

The nature of The Thing Itself is one of freedom – not bondage.  But, humans are created with individuality, the ability to create.  We must discover our power and freedom through the use of thought.  The Universe is one of Love – infinite, beyond our comprehension, pure Love – and Law – the cause/effect that what we put out returns to us.  Learning to work in harmony with the Law reveals more and more of the Love of the Universe.  The Law is impersonal – it acts the same way for all, all the time.  It has no agenda, nor plays any favorites.

Our mind is an individualization of the One Mind.  We have two aspects – the conscious, choosing mind and the subjective/unconscious mind that moves those choices into form.  We have limitless power to create, but we often create out of choices made long ago, without wisdom and set in motion in our subconscious mind.  Ernest emphasizes that all this is simple, and that we tend to overcomplicate the Universe, and tend to not apply this teaching, just learn about it and go on in our habitual ways.

Our spiritual practices this week:

  1. Spend time contemplating The Thing Itself.  As we contemplate the Highest and best, we align more and more with that.
  2. Notice what your thinking has created.  Take inventory of what’s working well and where you might want to create something new, different, more expanded.
  3. Pick and area you’d to expand your experience of freedom and contemplate that freedom, let yourself align with and become that person who lives in that freedom.

“When we learn to trust the Universe, we shall be happy, prosperous and well.  To learn to think is to learn how to live, for our thoughts go into a medium that is Infinite in Its ability to do and be.”      SOM, p.29.5

Have – create – a fabulous week and new year!

Rev. David

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January 14, 2018 – The Way It Works (speaker – Rev. David Robinson)

Last week we explored The Thing Itself.  This week, we look at how It works.  If we want to work with electricity, we need to know how it works – not how we want it to work – in order to create results we want.  We learn this through observation and experimentation.  This is the same way we learn how Spirit – The Thing Itself – works.  We’re all still engaged in experimentation. Since experiments don’t always turn out the way we want, we can be gentle with ourselves in this process.

The Infinite Intelligence of the Universe expresses through individualized centers of consciousness – i.e. you and me.  Its nature is Good (that’s a Good beyond our human, limited perspective ideas of good/bad) and Life, Peace, Beauty, Power, Intelligence, all extravagantly expressing throughout everything.  This One is all there is – only One!  There is nothing opposed to it, no power working in a different direction.  Only One.

We are always using It – creating conditions we love or don’t love.  Conditions we don’t love are created out of ignorance of the Infinite Power of Good that we are.  I told the story of sending a document to my printer and getting a message saying “printer not responding.”  After rebooting the printer a couple of times, I realized it was the program not functioning correctly.  So often, we say life is not responding when, in truth, we’re not sending a signal that Life can “print.”

The Infinite works for us by working through us.  Our beliefs set the limit of our demonstration of an unlimited Principle.  It’s a question of our receptivity.  Think of it as having a massive electrical plant available to me.  It’s useless to me if I don’t know it’s there, or if I don’t use it.  And, if I do use it, I can send the current through a tiny, thin wire with lots of resistance, or a massive cable with no resistance.  How much of The Infinite are we willing to let through?

This week, our threefold practice is:

  1. Contemplate The Thing Itself.  As I contemplate Truth, it shows up in my life.
  2. Notice any experience of duality or not enough.  Identify the underlying belief and begin to align with the Truth of the One Power of Good.
  3. Choose an area to experience more of Spirit and open to the fullness of Good expressing through you in this area.  There’s only One Mind.  Ask: “What must I believe and/or belief I must let go of to allow this greater Good to be my experience?”

“God is Universal, and as much good as any individual is able to incorporate into their life is theirs to use.  This is what constitutes the Science of Mind and Spirit.”  ~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, p. 35

Have a power and love filled week!

Rev. David

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January 21, 2018 – What It Does (speaker – Rev. David Robinson)

In the third of our four-week revisiting of the Basics of Science of Mind, we look at what It does.  We have explored what It is and Its processes.  Now we look at how It expresses Its nature – and, on this plane of existence, it’s through us.  We are, as Troward said, “centers of divine operation.”  And, while we are immersed in an Infinite Intelligence, we can only draw from it what we “draw though the channel of our own minds.”

We can use as much of the Infinite Wisdom, Love, Power, Abundance as we are open to receive.  And, our openness is at the level of real belief, not what we wish and hope for.  We must align ourselves with the nature of the Infinite which we desire to express.

The Universe has no agenda except freedom of Its expression.  Because of this, we are free individuals, free to use this Mind in any way.  It doesn’t care.  I used the example of the large number of people believing in a set of conditions known as the “end times.”  This condition carries with it chaos, breakdown of human and planetary (and cosmic) systems.  It is based on an old prophesy which, in reality, was about the Romans and not about our times.  But a massive number of people have held it as our potential reality and so, as the Law must do, it is manifesting.  This is why our presence and willingness to stand as beacons of Light and Truth is so important.

We consciously tap into and use this Power by first becoming conscious of the Infinite AND the Good we want to manifest.  This is different than, like many, focusing on what I don’t want or “problem solving.”  We must have a clear picture of what we actually DO want.  Then, we take time to be receptive to the Infinite Intelligence.  It has a higher idea of how to manifest this Good than we do.  Tap into It!  Then, we boldly claim that Good as ours now.  Finally, with gratitude and faith we release it into the Law – the creative process of the One Mind.

A painter can sit with the best paints and brushes and have the most perfect canvas on which to work.  But, until she picks up the brush, mixes the colors and paints what she’s inspired to paint, nothing happens.  We have a beautiful mind, perfect Law and a wonderful Life in which to paint.  Let us do so.  And trust, just as when the painter mixes red and yellow, she doesn’t hope it will make orange, she knows it will – every time, because that is the law of color and pigment.  We must know that these tools and this One Mind is constantly and consistently at work for us always.

This week:

  1. Once again, spend time contemplating the Infinite One.  Deepen your relationship with It.
  2. Look at your life and ask – how receptive am I, based on results, to the Infinite Potential of the Universe?  How much Good am I letting in?
  3. Direct the energy of the Universe by vividly creating an image of yourself aligned with that Good.  And, have fun and play with this process.

“Here and now, we are surrounded by, and immersed in, an Infinite Good.  How much of this Infinite Good is ours?  ALL OF IT!  And how much of It may we have to use?  AS MUCH OF IT AS WE CAN EMBODY.” 
   ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 50.2

Have a joyous and powerful week.  Let your Light shine!

Rev. David

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January 28, 2018 – How to Use It (speaker – Rev. David Robinson)

After looking at what It is, how It works and what It does, today we explore how to use It.  Unless we actually USE the Law, USE the Infinite Presence that seeks to express Itself as us, it’s of no help in our lives.  And, since we are ALWAYS using this Infinite Power – consciously or unconsciously – we might as well direct it with wisdom and consciousness.  This is what Jesus meant in the Gospel of Thomas when he said, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”  The Infinite Presence within creates through us.  As we align with Its nature of Harmony, we live fulfilled lives in every way.

To use It, we must understand that the Infinite Presence corresponds to who we ARE, rather than what we want.  It co-responds to our true beliefs, not our whims or wishes.  And, we must understand that the forms created through this Power are fluid.  “It is forever taking form and forever deserting the form it has taken.”  Forms are only temporary expressions, they don’t last.  But, the nature of Spirit, always seeking fresh expression of Its Original Harmony, lasts.

Our work is to not be hypnotized by, nor attached to the forms, rather focus on the True Nature that is expressing the forms.  This is why we don’t “resist evil.”  It is not Truth, thus it has no power of its own, except what we give it by our belief in it.  Instead, we focus on the Truth that must show through.  Instead of fighting disease, we focus on health and wholeness.  Instead of fighting poverty, we focus on abundance of Good for all everywhere.  Instead of fighting hatred, we focus on the Truth of the ever present Love of the Universe being manifest fully in that situation.  As we practice doing this, and see results, we gain confidence.  We remember that “The Universe is not divided against itself.”  Nothing and no one is against the Truth of who you are.

Finally, as we create, we must let go of our false belief in separation from the One Life.  It isn’t “out there.”  There is no “out there.”  There’s only One.  We are not parts or fragments of some Oneness, we are expressions of that One.  We ARE Source.  As we let go of the belief in separation, we let go of our beliefs in being not enough, flawed, wrong, unloved/unlovable and all the other core beliefs that have haunted humanity through the centuries.  When Jesus said, “The Father and I are one” he wasn’t just talking about himself, but showing us what we need to know.  We ARE the Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty and Joy of the Universe – in human form.  Celebrate and live from THAT!

This week:

  1. APPLY the Law.  USE this Infinite Presence for a definite and specific purpose in your life, expressed from your True Nature.  Just as the painter chooses to create a specific painting, from all the infinite possibilities of paintings to create, we must choose a specific result we want to create.  Like the painter, when we “complete” (manifest) that result, we can choose another of the infinite possibilities to create.
  2. Notice any “not enough” type chatter that arises as you contemplate creating from your magnificence.  If you hear it, tell Truth to it.  “I AM one of the Infinite Presence. I AM Source.”
  3. Trust the process of the Law manifesting the thought seed you have planted and watch it grow.  Have fun!

Love & Blessings

Rev. David

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February 4, 2018 – What is the Science of Mind? (speaker – Rev. David Robinson)

What Is the Science of Mind?

Those who were present last Sunday remember that we had technical difficulties which prevented the planned “talk” by our “guest presenter” by video.  So, you got me unscripted.

The first thing that our founder, Ernest Holmes, always stressed about this teaching is to APPLY IT!  As he said, we can know about love, but we don’t know Love until we have our arms around someone.  This is not a theory or idea to know about, but to apply.   Use it to actually manifest the life and the world we desire – a world that works for all.

The core purpose of this teaching is to put us in touch with our divine nature.  It’s not about dogma or rules.  Rather, it’s to get us in touch with the Love that the Universe is and that there is nothing between us and the Universe.  “I AM the Love of God in form.”  “I AM Source.”  God and our Good is not “out there” somewhere.

We celebrate and honor the sacredness of our humanity, rather than denying it, making it evil or not okay.  We show God a good time as God in this form.  There is no “sin” – just mistakes or getting off track.  We get to forgive, which we do by not condemning.  If we find we have condemned someone or something – including ourselves, we remove our condemnation and trust or see that it all works into the tapestry of Life, creating the fullness of we are.  Ernest viewed guilt as our divine nature realigning Itself.

What I love about SOM is that we have a method – using the practice of affirmative prayer known as Spiritual Mind Treatment to put us in touch with the overarching, ever present Spirit, with our unity with the one Spirit and our ability to create as and from that Spirit.  Ours is only to be open to receive the Good we declare and claim.

Finally, we looked at the seven main aspects of God:

  1. Life – the vibrant aliveness of the Universe expressing through every cell, every aspect of our being;
  2. Light – the light of Consciousness that is aware of all that is and all that is possible;
  3. Love – the Infinite Love that is the nature of the One Life;
  4. Power – the Power to create from Itslef, which we also embody – if we recognize and use it;
  5. Peace – the Peace that comes from creating within a Universe that isn’t divided against Itself, thereby knowing that nothing is against It/us;
  6. Beauty – the Beauty of ALL creation (yes, even the stuff that our human perspective judges as not so); and finally
  7. Joy – the end creation of Life – the Joy of experiencing this magnificent creation process, the beauty that comes out of it.

We are, like the Buddha who, when asked who he was, said, “I am awake” waking up to our Divine Nature.  Let us continue to awaken.  This teaching clearly and directly supports us on that journey.

A spiritual practice this week:  find an aspect of the Divine from the seven above – and contemplate it.  Let that quality fill your life more fully than before.  Ask your intuition to reveal how and where to express that more fully and be willing to do so.  You will bring more of the True Nature of God/Spirit into form by doing so.

“Let us have… the belief that somewhere in the spiritual evolution of the human race there …has arrived or can arrive a group of people who will have enough intelligence, respect and admiration for each other to cooperate in a spirit of freedom in the freeing of the mind from restrictions in growth – and trust God to do the rest.”   

Ernest Holmes quoted in Ernest Holmes: His Life and Times by Fenwicke Holmes

Love & Blessings,

Rev. David

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February 11, 2018 – Religion, Spirituality, Superstition and Common Sense (speaker – Rev. David Robinson)

Ernest Holmes’ definition of religion was simply “our attitude toward God.”  It wasn’t about organizations, structures, dogma or anything else – just how we view That which is greater than the surface of life on this plane.  We can view God one of two ways – within and all around us, or apart from us.

If we view God as apart from us, as many popular religions do, we have to figure out how to reunite with that separate God.  This can lead to all sorts of interesting practices and processes to cross a gap in an unknown direction to hopefully please or appease a God who seems to be capricious.  At the same time, we must remember that each person’s religious path can be compared to inns on the road to awakening “where the weary soul rests overnight on its journey from the outer circumference of materialism to an inner consciousness of idealism.

If we view God as with and all around us, we recognize our unity with It and with each other – all IS God.  God is not a sad, weeping figure, but the Wholeness of the Universe Itself.  “God” is a synonym for Wholeness and out of that Wholeness, pure Love.

Spirituality is one’s recognition of the Universe as a living Presence of Good, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Power and Love, flowing through everything.  It is a perception of the essence of everything – the heat in afire, the colors in a prism or the power flowing through a generator.  We ARE spiritual!  Spirituality is the practice of attempting to constantly and consistently feel the Presence of God in everything and everyone.  It grounds us as we experience the flow and seasons of Life, recognizing that it and we are within something greater.

Superstition and common sense come into play as we question deeply imbedded beliefs.  The word “superstition” literally means “standing above” – an overarching, and thus often unquestioned – system of beliefs.  It’s based on thinking external factors cause our pleasant or unpleasant experiences of life.  Superstitions – practices to “please the gods” – are often deeply ingrained in many religions.

Whether we have our “good luck socks” or avoid black cats, or believe that “Mercury in retrograde” causes us to have good/bad experiences of life, or that God is more present in one place than another, we are engaged in superstition and not using common sense.  I also discussed the effect the Book of Revelation has had on the collective consciousness, despite the author clearly stating that it was written to seven specific communities about his vision regarding events of his time – not 2,000 years in the future.  Because of the superstition that the Bible is infallible (which is never stated in the Bible itself) people think this is still going to happen and, throughout the history of the last 2,000 years, have continued to hold that belief, providing us with concepts of apocalypse, Armageddon, all sorts of interpretations of various aspects of the book, our fear of “the mark of the Beast” the number 666, the anti-Christ, second coming, rapture, etc.  It is time we came to our senses and no longer let superstitions run our individual and collective lives.

Our spiritual practices this week:

  1. Be aware of/notice any places of superstition (placing your source outside of you) may lurk in your mind. Often, they’re so deeply ingrained that we accept them without question.  Just pay attention.
  2. Contemplate the Essence of Spirit – Life, Truth, Love, Power, Peace, Beauty and Joy. Feed your spiritual nature.  Holmes says, “One should not aspire to be spiritual as much as should contemplate in order to imbibe the Essence of Spirit, to speak from Its center.”
  3. Be willing to see God in all.

An affirmation we practiced to say daily: “I am not bound by the superstitions of the race.  I no longer fear God or the Universe in which I live.  I have implicit confidence in the Supreme Good, and I permit It to flow through me and to bless everything I contact.”

Love & blessings

Rev. David

P.S. For who like to contemplate the Universe through the lens of physics, you may find this article interesting:

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