Stay Connected While Quarantined

CSL BUNCH – Every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m. – Zoom 647 238 9585 (Contact for the password)

This will be an unstructured – i.e. no program or agenda – time. The group itself may decide on a topic, or it can be just a general conversation. There will be a moderator to help facilitate the process. In order to keep everything from descending into feedback chaos, everyone will be muted and raise their hand – on screen or using the raise hand function in Zoom – to speak. Thus, each person can be heard. Everyone is welcome!


 If you’d like a daily dose of spiritual music from New Thought musicians around the world, tune in to CSL’s new “Cozy Couch” series of mini-concerts at 6:00 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. See for details and schedule. 

Our Compassionate Care team lead by Carol Kautzmann and Ann Aubuchon are ready and willing to support those who are self-quarantined because of vulnerability to the virus or who are already ill.  Members of this team can bring meals to your door, make virtual visitations by phone, and run essential errands.  We can also offer prayer shawls for your blessing and comfort.

Contact the following representatives of this large group of caring souls at


Live Conversations to Nourish Mind and Spirit »

What: CSL’s “After-Lunch Special”

When: Every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. MT

Where: Science of Mind magazine’s Facebook page


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