Our Practitioners


Teresa Bielenberg, RScP

Teresa is a newly licensed Practitioner.  Her bio is coming soon.

Contact:  teresabielenberg@cslolympia.org

Linda Villegas Bremer, RScP   

In 1980, Linda took her first Science of Mind Class and now she is so grateful to serve our community as a licensed practitioner. At our CSL Olympia Center, she prepares the facilitation guides for our Sacred Circles. As a child, she lived in a border town at the southernmost tip of Texas – in a Hispanic community – where her entrepreneurial parents always spoke Spanish. So, yes, Linda is bilingual. This January, she taught an online class on Leadership for Centers for Spiritual Living – in Spanish. (Centros Para La Vida Espiritual – Mexico.) Because of her Mexican heritage, she was blessed with a great sense of mysticism. She has a degree in chemistry and mathematics as well as a Master’s Degree in Financial Management. She has worked as a technology consultant, a project manager, consultant in strategic planning and she really enjoys writing. She has a self-published book entitled Soul Reflections.

Contact:  lindavillegasbremer@cslolympia.org

Sandy Dell, RScP

Sandy has known, on some level, since she was a child that she had a special spiritual path to follow. Growing up as a Catholic, her first thought was becoming a nun, but as a teenager, she decided to explore many other religious traditions and ended up as a “born-again” Christian. Years later, becoming disillusioned with the Bible thumpers often associated with fundamental Christianity and having a failed marriage within the movement, she left it all behind. It was then that she discovered New Thought principles that made sense to her. She joined a local Center for Spiritual Living, jumped right into classes and became a licensed practitioner in the summer of 2016. During and after this time, she, for a short time, became Director for the local CSL before going out on her own as an Outreach Practitioner. Sandy currently lives in rural Idaho with her husband, where she is self-employed running several internet-based businesses. Her current projects consist of two practitioner-based businesses using all her skills: Spirituality for Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Tools for Hungry Souls.

Contact: sandydell@cslolympia.org

Susan Einhorn, RScP

Susan traveled a deep and winding path to God, beginning in her childhood living on a reservation. Her early lessons of seeing Spirit in nature and the experience of tribal traditions are still a strong influence on her today. She has studied archetypes with Caroline Myss, healing modalities at the Deepak Chopra Institute, and is an initiate of Peruvian shamanism. In Religious Science, Susan found “a faith that has faith in me.” She provides spiritual counseling as a practitioner at the Center and private practice. She loves teaching Religious Science classes and writes spiritual articles for a local news publication. Susan’s passion is to serve as a divine channel to aid and empower others in the clearing of dysfunctional thought patterns, emotional wounds, traumas, and life obstructing beliefs. She bridges mind, body, and spiritual healing modalities as a counselor and alchemical hypnotherapist in her private practice.

Contact: susaneinhorn@cslolympia.org

Rev. Carrie Masters

Rev. Carrie has been a Licensed Practitioner since 1995. She was called into ministry and was ordained with Centers for Spiritual Living in 2004. She served as senior minister in two Centers in Southern California and retired from pulpit ministry in 2015. This California native moved with her roommate and two dogs to Olympia in 2016 after hearing a still, small-but-insistent voice that directed her to move to Olympia. She loves deep, thoughtful, spiritual conversation and enjoys her active spiritual coaching and teaching practice. She has also written an article, as well as Daily Guides, for the Science of Mind Magazine. Being of service as a Practitioner with CSL Olympia is a joyful opportunity to be in prayer with those who request it and to assist those who wish to live their very best life.

Contact: carriemasters@cslolympia.org

John Mulhall, RScP

John has been involved in the metaphysical field seemingly his whole life and has studied and taught meditation and other metaphysical classes since 1973. Being a Practitioner enhances his own desire to take the time to recognize his connection with God/First Cause and to be ‘at cause’ in his own life and less ‘at effect’ in daily life, while allowing him to share this same recognition with others in their own lives. It is one of the great pleasures of his life to see people open up to more of who they truly are. He subscribed to ‘Science of Mind’ magazine for many years and eventually sought out a Science of Mind church. Taking the foundations classes whetted his appetite for the personal-ness of this Spiritual practice, and he continued classes and became a certified Religious Science Practitioner in July 2003. He was received into CSL-Olympia as a Practitioner February 6, 2011. John is a Master Mason and Past Master of his Lodge; active member of the Tacoma Valley Scottish Rite where he is a 32nd Degree Mason and Knight Commander Court of Honor. A retired Firefighter and Navy Master Chief, he is the Training Officer at Capital City Rifle and Pistol Club, where he trains Range Safety Officers and teaches classes.

Contact: johnmulhall@cslolympia.org