Religious Diversity

At the Center for Spiritual Living, we support the premise that there are many paths to one God. We are an open and inclusive community that recognizes the common thread that permeates all of the main religious traditions – Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and others!

Ethnic and Racial Diversity

It is of no matter at the Center for Spiritual Living whether you are of a particular nationality or race. We believe that as creations of God, we are all equally part of and expressions of God. As such, we are all One. Black, Brown, Yellow, White, African, European, Asian, Latino, Polynesian, Indigenous/Native, and all other races and ethnic backgrounds are welcome at the Center for Spiritual Living.

Sexual and Marital Diversity

We do not believe in separation of any kind at the Center for Spiritual Living. We are all expressions of that divine nature that resides within each of us; the Center for Spiritual Living believes that God is continually expressing through us, and we support and embrace this expression in its many forms. LGBTQ and straight are supported equally!

Here is a link to the Diversity Commission page containing a short video from the Reverend Dr. Kenn Gordon from Centers for Spiritual Living (our home office), as well as others who are from diverse backgrounds:  http://www.diversity.csl.org/

Science is catching up to what our philosophy has taught for a very long time – that we have the power within ourselves to determine our reality, and we can change our experience of life by changing our thinking. At the Center for Spiritual Living, we learn how scientific principles can help us on our spiritual journey to a more fulfilling experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.