Core Council

Members of the Center for Spiritual Living’s Core Council are committed to serving the highest good of our shared spiritual community.

The council serves the community by serving as a “Board of Trustees” for a non-profit organization. It is their job to manage the communal resources. The Council is committed to comprehensive, timely and open communications with and among the community.

Core Council members are elected by the membership to three-year terms with staggered expirations.

Core Council Members
  • Camille Fastle, President
  • Barbara Yanagimachi, Secretary
  • John Mulhall, RScP, Member-At-Large
  • Susan Einhorn, RScP, Member-At-Large
  • Rev. Michael Auch, Interim Minister

Contact the Council Secretary if you are interested in attending a meeting.

Council meeting minutes and Annual Report/Minutes are available for viewing. Please contact the Council Secretary.

Contact a Council Member

Council members may be reached via email at