Adult Education

Certificated Classes and Education at Center for Spiritual Living – Olympia

We offer a series of classes through the curriculum developed by Centers for Spiritual Living, headquartered in Golden, Colorado. These classes are certificated, or accredited through our affiliation with them and can lead to qualifying for entrance into Practitioner training. The Practitioner training is a two year program which leads to licensing and maintaining a private practice. These classes, and a Practitioner license, also are necessary to admittance in the Holmes Institute, our accredited Master’s degree program for ministers.


Education Vision of Centers for Spiritual Living

We stand for the transformation of consciousness through the creation and implementation of professional curriculum consistent with the Science of Mind teaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously create a profound, professional, and provocative curriculum with emphasis on the consciousness as embodied and taught by Dr. Ernest Holmes. We produce curriculum that includes the practices of Spiritual Mind Treatment, Meditation, and Visioning, and is consistent with the Core Concepts of Science of Mind, while reflecting ageless wisdom and exploring new ideas from modern science, quantum physics, and psycho-spiritual approaches to Truth.

Purpose and Philosophy of Education Program

The purpose of the education program of Centers for Spiritual Living is to provide the resources, structure, awareness, methods, and tools to provide spiritual education and tools to our world to fulfill the vision and mission of the organization through transformative delivery of our courses of study.