Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Our Blog!


Hello, and Welcome to the official blog of the Center for Spiritual Living Olympia.
As our community begins its second decade we stand at a unique juncture of allowing and becoming, the very crossroads of acceptance and change. These pages serve as a unique glimpse into the very soul of spiritual community, what it means to live a spiritual life, the music that empowers our journeys, and practical applications of Universal Spiritual Principles pertaining to the issues of our day.

As we co-create a conscious community, we also serve the evolution of conscious communities everywhere. The posts you find here are categorized according to Music, Current Events, and Spiritual/Human Rights. It is helpful to know that most of what you will find here is written through the lens of post-modern New Thought spirituality evolving into a second tier, Integral perspective of spiritual living in a time of radical cultural shift.

There is no better time than the present to demonstrate our belief in, and ability to use, the principles of the Science of Mind and Spirit. We are each being called to express our greatness, and the articles found here are designed to serve each along the journey of enlightenment.

Yes, we will each come to the study of this philosophy in our own time, and in our own way. Yes, you have found your way here, thus this must be your time to choose. Shall you follow the call of your heart, or search elsewhere for the Truth that you cannot avoid?

Let this be but a portion of your experience, one of many brush strokes among the vastness of your masterpiece. Explore, share, dance, sing, cry, and laugh. Whatever you do, do it with Joy, and Love and Light. And if you are so inclined please leave your thoughts, your comments, your Truth with us. We love to hear from our readers.

Until next time,
Peace and Blessings
Rev. Robert

  1. Rev Robert
    Rev Robert06-01-2015

    Hi, All!

    Welcome to our new blog. I so look forward to communicating with you here.

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